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TeamFuzZ TOTAL CLASSIC Roster Set including logos/portraits.


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you know, giving it some thought, it may be a bad idea. It defeats the purpose of you guys even using studio 2.0, reading the tutorial, or downloading team packages..i'll think about it and get back on this.

krawhitham just released 1977 Reds Package. Im very excited about it.

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ok i've decided i will release this. THis will be my version of a Roster Set. It will include logos,dat files, and portraits. But im going to release this when i've completely replaced all AAA Teams and as of now, I need 8 more team packages.

the teams so far on this roster set will be

1941 N.Y Yankees (working on it with yanks1979)

1941 Boston Red Sox (working on it with yanks1979)

1918 Red Sox (yanks763 is working on it)

1977 Reds (will revise krawhithams package with logos)

1973 California Angels (planning on starting soon enough.Send met file with modified appearances and stats if you have one! And player portraits too!!!!)

1954 N.Y Giants (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1964 Chicago Cubs (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1927 New York Yankees (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1986 N.Y. Mets (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1948 St. Louis Browns (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1973 N.Y. Mets (yanks763 is working on it)

1987 Cardinals (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1919 White Sox (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1964 Colts (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1965 Wash. Senators (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1961 Pittsburgh Pirates (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1957 Brooklyn Dodgers (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1961 N.Y. Yankees (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1986 Boston Red Sox (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1990 Cincy Reds (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1969 Seattle Pilots (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

1988 L.A. Dodgers (Completed with portraits/logos/and updated met)

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all i have left for he 41 yanks and red sox .met files is to correct some stats and player appearance. once thats done fuzz can put it together with the portraits and logos hes making and it will be done. i'm at work right now so my part wont get done till sometime tomorrow...hopefully BEFORE i go to work. if not then it will be after midnight on monday. i dont get off until after 11:00pm.

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any chance someone can start working on team packages, 8 more packages to go and im literally all burned out.

if someone does an met file for a team/year, i'll be willing to put together logos, but player portraits are on you.

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Fuzz, you remain an excellent modder, but if I can quibble with you for a moment... Why the '64 Cubs...??? And while I am at it why did you pick the teams you did??

I won't argue about these teams

1941 N.Y Yankees; 1941 Boston Red Sox;1918 Red Sox; 1977 Reds;1954 N.Y Giants;1927 New York Yankees;1986 N.Y. Mets;1948 St. Louis Browns;

1987 Cardinals (but only if you do the jerseys too), and the host of others on the list...I especially like the Pirates.

Instead of the 73 Mets...how about the 69 Mets. Instead of the 64 Cubs how about the greatest Cub team of all-time (i am biased) the 1984 Cubs...or if you want the greatest team in history 1906 Cubbies.

I could give you an excellent suggestion or list of teams woth adding:

1998 Yankees record (114-48)

1991 Twins (95-67) & 1991 Braves (94-68)

1990 The Reds are great but where is the Goliath they

beat Oakland (103-59)

1984 Detroit Tigers (104-58)

1983 White Sox "winning ugly" with Tony Larussa

1979 "We are family" Pittsburgh Pirates (98-64)

1975 Reds (better than those 1977 Reds in my opinion, if only cause of that world series with boston) record (108-54) Now that's a big red machine.

1970 or any of the world series appearing Baltimore Oriole teams (70, 83, 66, 69,79,71)

1968 Detroit Tigers (if 84 wasn't your cup of tea) (103-59)

Just some friendly suggestions. I have a host of more teams that could be included but take a look at those above and see if they don't merit inclusion....


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cubbie14, i tell you what, you send me any met files(8 or less) that has all the uniform numbers for the players, and proper appearances and different batting stances,ill throw together a package. If you have any portraits also, that would be cool.

after i have 30 OLDTIME Teams, i will release my version of a genuine oldtime roster.

i didnt pick the 77 reds, krawhitham did, and i choose the 64 cubs because stecropper had the met file already done.

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1975 Reds (better than those 1977 Reds in my opinion, if only cause of that world series with boston) record (108-54) Now that's a big red machine.


not statistically

77 Reds hit 54 more HR

77 Reds had a higher BA

77 Reds had more SB

77 Reds had Tom Seaver who won 21 games that season

Bench had a better season

Foster had a better season

Griffey had a better season

only thing 77 was missing was Tony Perez

What about an all-time roster for each team, I have the Reds done

If some people want to help with the roster and can help with the portraits

I have a link and a book that gives all time rosters but they do not match and I do not know all the teams that well

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Hey guys...feel free to use any of the teams from the roster set AlexTony and I did...it is here in the download section and has alot of very good teams including the 70 Orioles, 69 Mets, 75 Red, 74A's, 55 Dodgers, etc...

Alot of what you are looking for is already here...


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Another idea that might be interesting-instead of using actual teams(69 Metsl 41 Yanks)-how about teams made up of the best players for each team irregardless of year?

Like all time Yankee greats, all time dodger greats, etc?

It would be a lot of work-but very interesting to play.

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alll the ideas are great, but regarding teams made up of the best players, i'm not really heading in that direction quite.

I'd like to see a cleveland indians teams, i'd like to see any team actually. Feel free to attempt it and let me know what your doing, i can put some logos together. I try my best to make each logo original and incorporate the year into the logo.

pick a team from a great year, and knock yourself out.

I've been using stecroppers 60s roster as reference. I'm going to look into capa/alextonys roster set to see what you boys have cooking in there.

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All-time rosters are slight pain

here is what I did

in order for a player to be on the team roster they had to play more games for that team than any other (pitchers were done by innings not total games)

I made the roster on paper then made note of the player best season with the team

I then imported that season and moved that player to a different BLANK team(I picked a team and deleted all the players from it), repeating that over and over untill I had 25 players

When you are done the MBE will a mess so export your new team and import it into a newly imported MBE file and make all your tweaks

this site will help


Plus I have Rob Neyer's Big Book of Baseball Lineups

here is the indians rosters from the book

#1 lineup

DH Andre Thornton

C Jim Hegan

1B Jim Thome

2B Nap Lajoie

SS Lou Boudreau

3B Al Rosen

LF Albert Belle

CF Tris Speaker

RF Joe Jackson

SP1 Bob Feller

SP2 Addie Joss

SP3 Stan Coveleski

SP4 Bob Lemon

RP Doug Jones

#2 Lineup

DH Rico Carty

C Steve O'neill

1B Hal Trosky

2B Roberto Alomar

SS Joe Sewell

3B Ken Keltner

LF Jeff Heath

CF Earl Averill

RF Manny Ramirez

SP1 Mel Harder

SP2 Early Wynn

SP3 Sam McDowell

SP4 Mike Garcia

RP Jose Mesa

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if you're burned out on the portraits maybe we can find someone that would be interseted in doing just portraits. i could do put the teams together and find player pics, you could do logos and stuff, and someone else could focus on putting portrait sets together with the pics i find. it'll be a mod assembly line!

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yeah that would be cool but im done with the portraits for the 41yanks and 41redsox.

im using bmp organizer 1.0 in the studio so its actually saving me a lot of time.

alright as long as your doing ok. are there any other teams you want me to put together?

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if you can get portraits for them, then that would be great.

not sure what other teams, some people on the thread have made suggestions so those would be cool.

i'll work on it tonight after work. it should be a lot easier to find pics of guys from the 70's rather than the 30's 40's or 50's.

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