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Vernon Wells looks EXACTLY like.......(gotta check this out)


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What's that supposed to mean?

er, meaning that his doppleganger is one of the most hated men in America - so no wonder he plays in the only non-US team.

Yeah, they're both non-white, thus they look the same. Very, very mature.

And Hory, even worse. I hate people.

no, they have very similar appearance similar cheekbones, nose etc, what does the fact that they aren't white have anything to do with it

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NYY King! That's a damn good one. We've got a CF and 1B now. Who else is there?

How could anyone not think Vernon and the terrorist look alike? If Vernon had a goatee, they'd be twins. The eyes, nose, cheeks, hair, lips are the same. Maybe you don't think it's exact, but you gotta think they're similar at least.


Whatchya Smokin'?

Some of that sticky-icky-icky. OOOwweeee. Put it in da air!

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