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Just giving a shout to my home boys on this board. I decided to give MVP 05 a shot with all this new stuff coming out soon.

Maybe even try to do some modding of my own.

And for those who don't know me, I am the destructive force known as sodo mojo. Be scared.

Very scared.

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My sig is too big? It is because of the transparency on it. What are the max dimensions on sigs?

I installed the MVP 06 mod yesterday, it looks really nice. I am going to try to make some faces for the game. Try, don't know if I'll succeed.

It has been a while since I modded, I think the last time was when Pirate and I made over 1000 faces for HH 2004 in like 3 weeks.

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Feeling kinda jumpy in these forums, are we? You got torn apart there Spivey.

And deservedly so, there is no room to ever bash on our northern neigbors.


I got torn apart? Don't you mean TT got torn apart?!?!

:x :wink: :p :lol:

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