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High Quality Sports Photos

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If anyone is interested in some high quality sports photos (1024x768 quality) here are some instructions on how to get them:

1. Go to CBS Sportsline.

2. Click on the photo you would like to see. I'll pick one at random here.


3. Now, all you got to do is change the word LOWER to 1024x768 and you will have a nice high res photo:


Here's another:



Credit for this does not go to me, but rather to GMF over at The Perfect Game. He's on this website too, but his name here is GreekMetsFan. So thank you GMF for this and I hope everyone can enjoy this!!

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This is great, its too bad i didnt hear of this much earlier.

Basically, it has galleries for only select teams. (Like the Mets and Giants..)

No Yankee galleries however.

All pictures that have "lower" at the end have hi res versions.

Thanks for the info Yankee4life!

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