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will there be another total classics update.


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Yes, we are in the process now of putting together another. It will be

TC phase 6. We actually have to get enough done (so it is worthwhile)

and have everyone on the same page. We are getting some of the

modding done as of right now. It looks to have the 'potential' of a

worthwhile upgrade :)

Will have to take a roll call soon

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Possible reorganization? :wink:

Nope (nor should you expect future TC updates to have any sort of reorganization).

Here's what WILL be updated: Some new faces, some portrait updates, player stats, player attribute tweaks and possibly some batter walkup music changes.

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I should mention that Total Classics *61 should be available really soon on this site and over at mvpmods.com.

Stecropper and Sandman went through extreme pains to make this mod and rosters incredible and it really is.

I'm pretty sure it'll be available before TC Phase 6 over at this site and total-classics.com

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