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It's a NL City: A New York Mets Dynasty


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Before I get started, I just want to say I'm going to be simming the first two series because I've played them so many times, it's boring. I'll be starting off on the Nationals home opener. I'm also using MVP 06 ILF.

Starting Lineup

SS- Jose Reyes

C - Paul Loduca

CF- Carlos Beltran

1B- Carlos Delgado

3B- David Wright

LF- Cliff Floyd

RF- Xavier Nady

2B- Kaz Matsui


Starting Rotation

1- Tom Glavine

2- Pedro Martinez

3- Brian Bannister

4- Mike Pelfrey

5- Steve Trachsel

I'll post an update later.

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Click on the image

Please give comments on what I should do to make it better. I tried doing the scedule in the bottom right, but it's way to much work. Any ideas on what I should put there?

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I sincerely hope you get the spammer title off from under your name, but not pissing off other people (like Yankees fans)

But anyway, nice to see a Mets Dynasty.

Although Mike Pelfrey will be SHELLED. G'luck!

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Delgado goed deep? :lol: I would also suggest some puncuation, to make it look more professional. You definitely need something on the right; I agree with DUnit, you should add the portraits for your pitchers and maybe a larger logo in the background, that would take up more space than the miniscule logos and fill that blue space.

As far as the recap goes, great idea with the MLB site layout. I would say probably a smaller font size on the left side, and the border should probably fixed to go all the way around the image.

Just my :twocents:

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Thanks for all the feedback. I still need to do a little more work on the layout, and I'm not going to put potraits, because again, it is time consuming, and I just dont have the time. I'll post an update tomorrow.

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Dont worry about that Mark B. This next update I'll be posting will not have any errors. BTW: My game with Pedro kept crashing when I tried to start it, so I'm just playing the game on the 14th and then to the Brewers. I'm also going to adjust the sliders. It's way to easy.

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Sorry I haven't posted updates. With finals and everything, this dynasty died. I didn't delete it though. I just ended up simming to the WS and I eventually won the whole thing. Im currently working on my "Next Generation Mets" project, which will feature new uniforms, and a brand new stadium. Once I'm done with that (late June or July) I will start this up again.

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