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Your PC/console Baseball game history


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What is everyone's Baseball game history, it can be computer or video game console. I'll start off with mine:

1. MLB Baseball- (Intellivision)- I was about 12 years when I got my Intellivision and this was one of the first games I had. Very basic by today's standards, but it was good for it's time. Sadly, it was only a 2 player game which limited it's appeal.

2. Microleague Baseball- Atari 800XL- This was a fun manage-only game with decent graphics and limited animations. I really enjoyed re-playing seasons with either the Pirates or the Tigers.

3. Earl Weaver Baseball- Amiga 500- This was the game that got me hooked on computer baseball. I played the heck out of this game. It had good graphics for it's time, but the gameplay was awesome. The ball physics were very realistic and it had great sound effects. The batting/pitching interface was very well done, very realistic in working the count, I really felt like I accomplished something when I got a hit. Stats were very realistic as well. The only thing it needed was the ability to fast sim CPU teams.

4. Tony Larussa BB 3- PC- When I sold my Amiga and bought an IBM PC, this was the BB game of choice. It wasn't nearly as good as Earl Weaver (Amiga), but it was still a good game. It had good graphics and good stats, but the gameplay could have been better. The game had problems calibrating my joysticks, so I had to use the keyboard, which I didn't like so much.

5. Hardball 4/5- PC- Probably my least favorite BB game series. It played alright and had decent graphics, just a bit too arcady for me. I did play some, so I thought I'd mention it.

6. FPS: Baseball PRO-PC- Had alot of potential being the first real BB game with a detailed career mode, but was too buggy. I loved the football game of this series, however.

7. High Heat-PC- Most are familiar with this game, the most realistic and most comprehensive as far as realism and stats go. Graphics were average to good, but it played a great game. I like games which offer realistic batter-pitcher interfaces where I can work the count and this game excelled in this area. It had it's share of bugs, but it's still a great game.

8. MVP Baseball 2005- PC- Compares very well across the board with other BB games I mentioned with better graphics. Better stat-keeping is really the only area where it needs to make up ground. Of course, the mods here have added to an already great game.

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1. Reggie Jackson Baseball - Sega Master System

2. Super Baseball Simulator 2000 - SNES

3. Sports Talk Baseball - Sega Genesis

4. Hardball III - Sega Genesis

5. Tony Larussa Baseball - Sega Genesis

6. Triple Play '96 - Sega Genesis

7. World Series Baseball 98 - Sega Genesis

8. MLB 98 - Sony Playstation

9. High Heat 2000/2001/2002/2003/2004 - PC

10. MVP 2005 - PC

After discovering the High Heat Series on the PC, my baseball console gaming came to an end. Of all the baseball games I have played, I would have to choose High Heat 2001 and MVP 2005 as my favorites.

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Man, I got to think about this before I post mine.

I actually had to edit my post, there were a few I'd forgotten about. Although I rented tons of baseball games just to try them out, these are the ones I bought and played for some time.

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Earl Weaver for the PC.

Hardball 4/5 for the PC.

Triple Play '96 for the Sega Genesis.

Triple Play Gold (?) for the Sega Genesis.

World Series Baseball for the sega Genesis.

Triple Play Baseball '98,'99, 2000, 2001 for The Playstation.

MVP 2003-2004-2005 for the PC.

MVP 2005 for the Playstation2.

MLB 2K6 for the XBox 360.

The Show for the Playstation 2.

Baseball Mogul 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 for the PC.

Basball for Windows(Think that was the name), back in the very early '90's.

All Star Baseball '99 for the Nintendo 64.

World Series Baseball 2K3 for the Playstation2.

Microsoft Baseball 200 for the PC.

I am missing a few, one for the Atari.

Then there was one for either the Supernintendo, or regular Nintendo...called something like Super Baseball 1000.

Also had one for the Turbo Grafix 16...don't remember what it was called.

Has a couple of Tony LaRussa, the Roger Clemens one, and a Ken Griffey for the Super Nintendo.

Sure there is probably more.

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Ken Griffey (whatever the game was called) for Super Nintendo

All Star Baseball 2001 (I think with Jeter on the cover) for Playstation = hated that game

MVP Baseball 2005 for PS2 (got it when it came out)

MVP Baseball 2005 for PC (warning: modding is hazardous to your health. modding causes dropping grades, decline of social life, decreased vision, carpal tunnel, and even death ;))

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Of course, it all started with backyard baseball lol

Ken Griffey baseball for N64

All Star baseball 2000 and 2001

Triple play 2000-2001

World Series baseball 2002-03

High Heat baseball 2004

MVP 2004

MVP 2005

It took me a while to stick with one game because some never appealed to me. Then I found MVP baseball and this site. I guess you can call me an EA fanboy because I buy Madden, Live, MVP, NHL from EA. lol

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I have honestly played nearly every baseball game on sega genesis, NES, gameboy,PS one, PS2, Gamecube, and PC. Whether backyard baseball, all star baseball, mlb 99, ken griffey jr's slugfest, to MVP. even RBI and Great Baseball.

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The only ones of note;

1. Triple Play Baseball '99, 2000 demos in 2001/2002.

2. High Heat 2003, High Heat 2004 for PC.

3. MVP 2004, MVP 2005 for PC.

Just after I became interested in baseball in 2000 and got my own PC in late 2001, I ran a few searches for baseball games and found demos of Triple Play. If I remember correctly, you could only play 3 innings and played as either the National or American League All-Star teams. I remember hoping for a tie after 3 innings so that it would go to 4, 5 or maybe 6. Although it was good at the time, demos becoming boring really quickly (I guess that's why they're demos ;)) and I found High Heat 2003 in a store here, which was a stroke of luck. That game was great, and I have it installed right now on this PC. If High Heat's 2003's backend stats engine and database could be used in MVP, it would be the perfect game. I've played a few others such as OOTP, Baseball Mogul etc., but they're not really for me.

All hail the elite graphics of High Heat 2003 - A-Rod, Yankee Stadium. :hail:


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Lets see --

Super Action Baseball - Colecovision

Baseball - NES

Tecmo Super Baseball - SNES

MLB 2001 - Playstation

Sammy Sosa High Heat Baseball 2001 - Playstation

High Heat Baseball 2002 - GameBoy Advance

High Heat Baseball 2002 - Playstation 2

MVP Baseball 2004 - Playstation 2

MVP Baseball 2005 - Xbox

MVP Baseball 2005 - PC

I'm pretty sure that's all of them. Baseball is fun.

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these are the games i own

1. World Series Baseball for the Game Gear - It was a sweet game that had all the teams and good rosters for a handheld. Graphics are what you would expect from an early handheld and gameplay was fun. Bad stats though, even though I didn't care at the time

2. All-star Baseball 1998 for the n64 - swwweeeeet gameplay, just a fun game. I liked the setup also and it had the Field of dreams field which was amazing.

3. Season Ticket Baseball for the PC - I can't believe nobody mentioned this one. The ultimate stats game, even though I've never played mogul or any of those. YOu would manage your team during games, no gameplay. When you bought it it had all fictional characters but it promised you could download rosters from any year since 1900 and play out history. The site unfornately never worked and I couldn't get the rosters which saddened me cause it was one fun game.

4. High Heat 2003 for the PC - Nothing much to say, since you all mentioned the greatness of the game. I wasn't as psyched up with the gameplay as you guys were but it was fun.

5. MVP 2004 for the PC - A breakthrough, my friend showed it to me and it was amazing. I played it so much but unfortunately never saw this site until the next game.

6. MVP 2005 for the PC - I bought this game the day it came out, I had to have it after playing 2004. I'd like to thank all the great modders at this site for making this game mindblowing. I wish I could help but I'm kinda dumb when it comes to computers (my cousin helps me).

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Real Sports Basbeall ATARI 2600

RBI Baseball - NES

Baseball Simulator 1.000 - NES

RBI Baseball 3 - Sega Genesis

Super Baseball Simulator 1.000 - SNES

Super baseball Simulator 1.000 2 - SNES

World Series Baseball 95' - Sega Genesis

Triple Play Baseball - Sega Genesis

Triple Play Baseball GOLD - Sega Genesis

Triple Play Baseball 97', 98', 99' 00' 01' 02'- PSX

Triplke Play Baseball - PC

MVP Baseball 2004, 2005 - PC

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Never played any of the SNES or NES games except for "Nintendo Baseball" on Game Boy Pocket and that was almost impossible to win as human...the fielding was horribly difficult and the computer always ended up blowing you out.

The best in my opinion then , would have to be High Heat 2003. It was the first baseball game I purchased and the best. In addition to the lack of "hit sticks" or "hot/cold zones" , High Heat also provided easy substitution of players before games (in 2005 I still struggle with that click interface because I will click one person , scroll down and click another person but somehow yet another person I didnt' intend to enter the lineup did , or they interchange positions.) and a convenient box score saving option. HH2003 also provided great pitching practice and hitting practice , none of which are as good in the "mini-games". You could set up the pitcher to throw specific types of balls , what his delivery would be , and where he would throw the ball. It was great.

I could also hit home runs and balls with ease in High Heat , even in pro. In MVP 2005 , pro play , there are often stretches of several games where my offense shuts down because the computer acts like a Curt Schilling clone and deals crazy junk balls that are nearly impossible to hit , even though his record is sub-.500 and his ERA sky-high. That , plus the fact that MVP added all these crazy things like "Hot/Cold Zone" and hit sticks...I press my analog stick up and left , prepare to hit a ball thrown in the perfect place , yet either ground out or flyout. In HH2003 you could just focus on swinging at the right point...it was a lot easier to hit home runs then. :(

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Real sports baseball (Atari 2600)

Bases loaded 1 n 2 (Nes)

Baseball simulator (Nes)

Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball (Snes)

Triple play 97-99 (PS)

Sammy Sosa high heat baseball 2001 (PC)

High Heat 2002 -2003 (PS2)

Mvp Baseball 2003-2005 (PC)

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Intellivision Baseball

Colecovision Baseball


RBI Baseball(Nintendo)

Earl Weaver(Amiga) Grounbreaking game!

Tony LaRussa Series(Genesis and PC)

Oldtime Baseball(PC)


World Series Baseball(Genesis)

Hardball 3-5(PC)

Front Page Sports(PC)


High Heat series(PC)

MVP 04-05(PC)

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Microsoft Baseball 2000... hard to play a season but I enjoyed playing it nonetheless. this game is how I first learned about players all over the majors, not just teams I paid attention too.

Triple Play 2001 for N64... great game considering at that time I just wanted to fool around.

Baseball Mogul 2004... got me really into the managing part of games.

Baseball Mogul 2005... not much of an improvement. 2007 looks unbelievable but I still have yet to buy it. I still cant justify to my tight-*** self spending the money.

MVP Baseball 2004... I was truly amazed after playing games with poor graphics.

MVP Baseball 2005... enjoyed the much improved gameplay and AI, graphics were similar but still very good.

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Mine's actually the same as ".ballistic" (last page). The first baseball game I had was Triple Play 2000 (great game), and I played that for years (got it in 2000, played till early '05). I went out and got MVP 04 in January of '05 (Gamestop gift card for Christmas), and then I got hooked on MVP, found this site, and pre-ordered MVP 2005 (even though it didn't arrive for weeks after it was released...).

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1.Ken Griffey Jr.'s Slugfest- I didn't actually own it, but I played it at my cousins house every time I went over. Best game ever.

2.Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey, Jr.-I don't know why, but my cousins owned this one as well. I can't remember why, but I didn't really like this one.

3. All-Star Baseball 2001-Pretty good, borrowed it from my friend, I think I still have it.

4. MVP Baseball 2004-I borrowed this from my friends house, and I played the crap out of it. I think I broke a Gamecube controller or two.

5.MVP Baseball 2005-I bought it for xBox, and PC. I still play both pretty regularly. The PC one has better pics and stats, but I can play the xBox one while watching TV.

6. MLB 2k6-Just bought this one. Its decent, but the graphics are a let down. I can't figure how to hit, really. The pitching is pretty cool.

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LaRussa 2 and 3, Hardball 5, High Heat 99,2000, 2001,2002,2004, MVP 03 through 05.

LaRussa had those great drop down stat windows, Hardball had actual weather effects that affected gameplay, HH 2002 out of them all was probably the best PC baseball game I've ever played........and MVP 05 thanks to this website is a very very good game.


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Hardball Atari 400/800

Basrball Stars NES

Bases Loaded NES

baseball b/w GB

RBI Baseball Genesis

Tommy Lasorda Baseball Genesis

MLB 99 PSone

World Series Baseball 2K1 Dreamcast

Triple Play Baseball Xbox

High Heat Baseball 2002 Xbox

All Star Baseball 2003 Xbox

MVP 2003 Xbox

MVP 2004 Xbox (damn lefty glitch)

MVP 2004 PC

MVP 2005 PC

I think that is it

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All of mine were on the PC:

Micro League Baseball

Micro League Baseball 2

Micro League Baseball 3: The Manager's Challenge

Micro League Baseball 4

Real Stat Baseball


Hardball 2

Hardball 3

Hardball 5

Hardball 6

FPS: Baseball Pro '98

MVP Baseball 2004

MVP Baseball 2005

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