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14 Years and Counting - Atlanta Braves Dynasty


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Greetings -

After finally snagging a copy of MVP Baseball 2005 for PC after playing it for a couple years on my long since broken XBOX, I've decided to start an Atlanta Braves dynasty. This year's been tough on Braves fans, so it feels good to get a chance to change the direction of the organization.


1. All games (A/AA/AAA/MLB) will be managed. Managing the game, IMO, allows the players to behave as they would normally based on their contracts, team chemistry, etc. "Plate Patience," a normally very important attribute in real life, is almost a pointless attribute when the only patience that really matters is the guy clicking the "swing" button.

2. Chipper Jones, John Smoltz, and Andruw Jones will retire as Braves. The first two, especially, have earned the right to retire a Brave. I will extend their contracts as needed until retirement.

3. MVP. Fair Trades. Budgets. UR 7.5

4. Build from the ground up more than adding on from the outside. Since the youngin's are generally signed to tiny contracts (1Y @ 100K) and there's no such thing as arbitration, I'll try to tie up the deserving young players to fair, yet modest contracts.

Pre-Season Trades:

2B Marcus Giles and LF Ryan Langerhans for LF Carl Crawford and SS BJ Upton.

Marcus was on the last year of his contract and would likely be an expensive re-sign. I converted Upton to 2B.

Contract Extensions:

Jeff Francoeur: 4Y @ $1.7M

Brian McCann: 4Y @ $1.0M

Adam LaRoche: 4Y @ $1.0M

Kyle Davies: 3Y @ $2.5M


1. Keep team chemistry high.

2. Trade Mike Hampton's ridiculous salary.


LF Carl Crawford

SS Edgar Renteria

3B Chipper Jones

CF Andruw Jones

RF Jeff Francoeur

1B Adam LaRoche

C  Brian McCann

2B BJ Upton
C/1B Todd Pratt

3B/IN Willy Aybar

2B/UT Pete Orr

LF/1B Scott Thorman

LF/3B Matt Diaz
Roation & Bullpen:

Tim Hudson

John Smoltz

Horacio Ramirez

John Thompson

Chuck James

LRP: Kyle Davies

MRP: Macay McBride

MRP: Ken Ray

MRP: Chris Reitsma

SU: Oscar Villarreal

SU: Danys Baez

CL: Bob Wickman

I'll update every 15 games. Thanks for reading!

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How did Dudley stumble across this anyway? In order to even find the thing, he would've had to dig through pages of old threads!

Actually, i was looking at the Who is here list, and i saw a name maddux590 or something, i thought it was somebody that i knew, and he changed his username, i clicked it and i saw that it was somebody different. Then i saw he posted a topic about his dynasty, and he was online, so i thought he started it today, but hence i didnt see it on the front page. I wasnt digging through old threads, just ran into something i thought was current. :)

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