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New Shoes Uploaded!!


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I've created a few shoes and thought I'd share them with every one. They include:

- Adidas Dark Blue and Silver

- Adidas Spinner

- Nike Air Griffey

- Nike Air Jordan (Jeter)

- Nike Air Zoom Threat

- Nike Black and Orange

- Nike Red and White

- Puma White and Black

Here's the readme:

These are just a few shoes I made for the game. These shoes were made by using kerm's and kccitystar's previous updates. The shoes are high resolution (256x128) except the blanck and orange and red and white - you can resize them if you wish but the quality won't be as good.

If I make any other shoes, I'll release them as well.


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I'm working on some Louisville TPX gloves and I think DMX wanted some grey Reeboks he posted somewhere. What I meant by pics is actual pics - lol I'm just getting started on a new pack. When I get more done, I'll send 'em to ya

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lol... Baton Rouge is the capital of Louisiana and home of the 2003 National Football Champion LSU Tigers. We're about an hour north of New Orleans. It's like - hot! lol About 95 degrees w/100 percent humidity - not quite like NYC huh?

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since i've got your attention here? you mind clarifying the whole "big bully" thing? Have you ever been "bullied" anyone? Are there a lot of bullies in baton rouge? Is that what baton rouge is all about?

in new york city, we dont have a lot of bullies, just a lot of gang-oriented people. crips,bloods,latin kings, and danny devito's entourage.

and ofcourse, the metrosexual community.

hey bigbully, are you going to download teamfuzZ team packs?!!

2000 subway series? 87 world series with the cards and twins? Maybe you're holding out for the "year that never happened" with montreal?lol

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by the way, do you and rambully get along? or is that a confrontational matter?

do modders stand up against the fence while they watch baton rouge's proud go at it with rambully? TELL ME BIGBULLY!!!kjdsjkfdskj...

and i want you to remember,..

little voice came on the phone,

said fuzzy when you coming home,

he said the first thing that came to his minddd..

i'm already there.

take a look around.

im the sunshine in your hair.

the ford explorer sign in your mod.

i'm your imaginary alpha.

and i know that im in your prayer

i've already modded there.

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Ok - my nickname (among friends) is actually big hairy bully (I have a hairy chest). I speak my mind most of the time - and not just tell everyone what they want to hear. I'm not the most subtle person sometimes...so that's how the name came about. I left out the "hairy" part in the nick - now you know my secret :oops:

I actually have all the team packs - you know I support your work 100%! However, I haven't installed any but the Forum Fanatics and the Mod Squad. MVP Baseball 2004 is the 1st time I've ever done any kind of modding - I didn't even know PhotoShop before I started. But with the help of Rolie and Umachines, I've gained a lot of knowledge and am kinda addicted to this stuff now. I only wish I had more time to devote to it.

What you've contributed to this community is far and beyond what I've seen! I encourage everyone to download everything you share w/us.

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