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I just bought 2 ten pound fitness weights, basic and easy lifting, but I was thinking, if I wanted to bulk up a bit more arm wise, how long should I be lifting the weights for? Should I go all out or lay easy and take my time?

I know 10 pounds isn't a lot at all, but I'm trying not to hurt anything and I have been feeling a bit ill over the past few days.

Thanks for any response.

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Building muscle mass = low reps, high weight. Benching, curls, etc. should do the trick over time.

If you go too low with the reps, you won't build the mass efficiently (as long as you keep the reps under 15 you will build mass); reps under 8ish though, you will build more strength.

Long story short, the most efficient way to build muscle mass is to do these things:

1. Eat. Eat. and Eat. The biggest key to putting on mass is to take in more calories than you burn. For some, that's 3000-4000; for others, it's upwards of 7000 (it was 6000-7000 for my metabolism). The only way to find out is start around 3000 and workout a couple weeks; if you don't gain weight, raise it to 4000 and keep going until you find your mark.

2. Do four sets of 10-12 reps at about 85% of your max. Basically, lift the most weight you can so that you do the first set "easily" and then the difficulty increases with each set, with the final rep being fairly difficult.

3. Do AT LEAST four excersices for each body part (for instance; do bench, dumbell press, cable crossovers, and flys for chest). There's a myriad of excercises for each body part - I'd be happy to give suggestions.

4. SWITCH IT UP - if you stop gaining weight, you hit a "plateau". Do a couple weeks of low reps, high weight to give your body a new process. Then switch back to 10-12 reps - what happens is that your body will become efficient at lifting a certain way and needs to be tricked into forgetting that way.

5. BE PATIENT. There might be a month you gain up to 10 pounds...the next you might gain 3. It takes time.

Three years ago I weighed 140 pounds (age 22). After two years I hit 200. Body fat went up 5%. I haven't been able to lift for a year and a half since I developed a cyst in my shoulder - I've been cleared to lift again now though and I can't wait to get back. Good luck man and feel free to ask questions if they come up! :D

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I recommend startingstrength


all the popular lifting websites recommend it

its basically doing all compound lifts for about like 20+ weeks( bench press, power clean, etc)

gives you detailed instructions how to properly do the exercises and tips for eating right

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