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power-ups? i'd rather them just use something to affect the players stats. such as a player with a batting contact of 75 going up/down in a lead off situation and then maybe the opposite in a more clutch situation

"the heads and the stadiums are the best i've seen" so we get crappy character modeling again? i'm tired of 2k baseball games making all the players seem as if pettite has the same physique as eckstein

sooo when's MVP 07 expected to be in beta?

about the "gay" comment. why don't people understand it's the contemporary equivalent to queer? sure nowadays we have a biological understanding of sexual orientation and even a loose interpretation of The Bible (i don't know about other religious works), but the term is simply meant to convey a lack of understanding like it did generations ago. allow me to use it in a sentence-- i think it's gay that my school is adopting +/- letter grade system, it changes little and hurts the hardest workers. (but can we end the conversation here, and just move it to a left field topic so we don't have to add posts to a 2K centered topic?)

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