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PSD Cutout Thread


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  • 2 months later...

Any particular image you want cut out? Maybe I could try and do it for you.

That depends - you think I should have an action shot of Zito (and therefore, one of him in his A's jersey). Or a picture of him in the Giants jersey at the press conference? It's for the sig I'm making for the next dynasty I'm doing.

I have a pic of Zito at the press conference - and I just found a pic of Cain in action. I think I like the simple background I just made, so I guess those two pictures could work.



I probably should have posted that in the sig thread...oh well.

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Just have an index in the front of the page as everyone submits them. also, put some links for places to get cutouts.

here are some i use:




The first two websites have a lot of really nice cutouts, but they seem to be out-dated. Does anyone know of any other player cutout sites? Thanks.

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