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Ok, I am currently changing my playlist for MVP 2005, and I dont know what songs to put in. So, I'm leaving the decision up to you, and you as in everyone at MVPmods. I have 6 or 7 songs in it so far, and I need your help filling out the next 6 spots. here are the only rules:

Rule 1- NO COUNTRY! It's bad enough I live in HEE-HAW land, I dont want to listen to it on my retreat.

Rule 2- I listen to mostly rap, but some rock. Absolutely no Heavy Metal. I dont want to have the "head-bangin' lets all stick dirty needles in our arms" music.

Rule 3- The 6-7 songs most mentioned will be used.


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hands open - snow patrol

machinehead - bush

batter up - nelly

remember the name - ft. minor

love and memories - O.A.R

in my head - Queens of the stone age

take me out to the ballgame - goo goo dolls (circa 1995)

worldwide suicide - pearl jam

the way - fastball

these are all songs that bring me back to the days of playing baseball with my friends (over the last 4 summers).

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