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Stadium Competition


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A while ago we had a baseball stadium competition for, but it was forgotten. I decided to bring back the competition, with stricter rules so that we can actually get it finished this time.


1- Any member on MVPmods is eligible to enter.

2- You can make a model, draw one, design one on the computer, O-edit it if you want (if your crazy enough), etc.

3- Stadium must be related to baseball.

4- All entries are to be in by February 28 11:59 EST to me NYM.

5- Have fun, come up with wacky, but realistic, ideas and the winner can get some sort of reward that we will figure out later.

What are your guys thoughts on this? Anyone interested? Just thought this would pass the time until baseball starts....

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Feel free to post your progress in the thread, but final drafts go to me.

I can O-edit it in the game, but it would take me too long, and I'd probably end up scrapping it, but if a bunch of member want to come together and O-edit the winners version for the final version of 2007, or maybe MVP 2008, that would be cool.

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Here's my new, new project. It's best seen if you load up both images and flick back and forth between the two, to see how it changes between the football / soccer version and the baseball design.

They're in-progress shots, without the San Nicola di Bari upper deck.





Section view:


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Vectorworks 11.

Its main inspiration comes from Baltimore Memorial (the pinched oval configuration) and San Nicola Di Bari (the sectioned upper deck). It still has a ton more work to get to any finished state, but it's well on its way.

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Well, i had an idea for a modern fusion of Fenway and stadiums like The Polo Grounds or Griffith Stadium, if possible. I made some preliminary sketches and here's what I came up with. I haven't really worked on the actual design, more the field dimensions for now. (Sorry if it's a little hard to see, I scanned it with pencil, so it's a bit rough.)


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