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What about Mozilla/Firefox?


What do you think about Mozilla Firefox web browser?  

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    • Nice!. What web surfers were waiting for!
    • Let's see it on time...
    • IE is the king!
    • The war is begining again.
    • What have I missed?
    • I don't care about this browsers stuff.

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internet explorer shall never be topped you heathens of the current adolescent society! OLD SCHOOL ALL THE WAY!

sorry, i vote "IE is king!"

Well, if we talk about old school, IE is not at all. It is just the internet boom days default browser. Search about the people envolved in Firefox development, and you'll see my point. I'm not a sick Microsoft hater, I prefer X-box than PS2, but if you look for my e-mail adress, you can notice I've been using alternate browsers for years, since the first browsers war (Hey!, It sounds like old Obi-Wan talking about the Clone Wars, or something :oops: )

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Right now I'm testing both, Firefox 1.0 and Netscape prototype (8.0). They're almost the same from inside, as NE is based on FF beta 0.9.3. But knowing that there are some popuplar pages that present some bugs with Mozilla based browsers (those bugs are related to the designer lack of view, but not to the software itself), you can wiew the pages in IE compatibility mode. All the ones I tested, including some popular chat pages worked okay. This feature is great for this transition version, as many people can think the browser don't work, just 'cause it doesn't work with their 'cool' chat pages.

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