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What Ballparks Have You Been In?

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i went to the old Busch stadium when McGwire was breaking records, been to the new Busch twice now, the last time being not even a month ago... if you ever get a little extra cash I'd recommend the commissioners box tickets... opportunity to chill out on the field during batting practice and photos in the dugout, not to mention all of the food and drinks being complimentary...

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Kinda surprised I never posted in here.

- Wrigley (only once, and that is kinda surprising since I am a Cub fan, and live fairly close to Chicago)

- Old Comiskey (I have seen at least 3 games there in my really young days)

- New Comiskey (I know, it isn't called that anymore, but it was when I went back the year it opened)

- Riverfont stadium (I have seen a TON of games there. All Cubs-Reds games, and one full series pretty much every year from 1991 through the year they tore it down)

- Cinergy Field (I know it is the same as Riverfront, but I added it because they had changed the configuration of the park around the same time they changed the name, for construction of the new park).

- Great American Ballpark- I went to the 4th game ever played there (and 5th and 6th, lol)... Not including the 2 exhibition games they played Cleveland the year it opened. Went to 2 games, Astros- Reds, in it's second year of existence (along with my annual Cubs- Reds series earlier that season). The only time I have ever been there for a non-Cub game. Also the last games I have ever attended in person, at any stadium. Twice I have had tickets since then, but both times I didn't go to the game.

I watched quite a few games in Southbend (Coveleski stadium) back when it first opened up, and it was still a White Sox farm team. Have not been since the late 80's/early 90's though.

Would love to go to see a game in Philly, Pittsburgh, Texas, Baltimore, and maybe Florida when it opens.

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OK, I saw a few games at Memorial Stadium where the Orioles used to play, and at Three Rivers Stadium. For the minor leagues, I have been to Pfitzner Stadium (home of the Potomac Nationals), Jerry Uht Park (home of the Seawolves), and McKetchnie Field (home of the Bradenton Marauders and Spring Training home of the Pittsburgh Pirates). My favorite stadium of all of these has to be Jerry Uht Park.

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Rogers Centre - I've been there a few times my first game 2006 Rangers and Jays, Jays took it 4-3 in a classic. 2008 saw the Mariners and Jays prevailed 1-0, and most recently just this year again against the Mariners and again Jays won 7-5. Thriller of a game and ended up getting a ball from then Mariner shortstop Jack Wilson. Rogers Centre really is a great stadium, one of my favourites.

Progressive Field - This year saw Rangers and Indians, another great game, nice setting as well with Quicken Loans arena on the 3rd base side, good fans as well. And great memories mostly because I got to talk with Derek Holland prior to the game.

Camden Yards - They don't lie when they say it's a beautiful park. Not gonna lie, it's not my favourite city, but they have a nice ballpark.

Nationals Park - Just drove by it but had a nice look due to heavey traffic.

Turner Field - Came there to see Braves and D-backs during Dan Uggla's hit streak, decent ballpark.

The Great American Ballpark - Not too shaby. Pirates and Reds doesn't get much better than a Friday night in Cinncinati.

PNC Park - Been ther more times that I have to the Rogers Centre which is in my hometown of Toronto. Love coming to PNC park and eating dinner at the restaurant by the street. Great place.

The Diamond - Richmond Flying squirrels, love the city of Richmond and a decent AA ballpark is nice too.

Cocoa Cola Field - Downtown Buffalo being fairly close to Toronto it's always nice to catch a Bison's game or two.

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Ive been to Three Rivers in Pittsburgh, saw all NL teams at some point thru the 70s n 80's

Pnc Park,saw Cubs as the only game i saw there

Astrodome saw Pirates ,Reds,Padres(first major league game i saw was astros reds as i was visiting family in texas)

,Arlington Stadium saw Twins,Yankees,Royals and Tigers(was in the army)

these stadiums i was outside of but never had a chance to see a game in them

Skydome in Toronto

Busch Stadium

Riverfront Stadium

Camden Yards

Consol Energy home of the Washington Pa Wild Things

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Wrigley Field

I sat right behind the visitor's bullpen looking out toward left field. An amzing venue in that it provides a glimpse of what baseball cathedrals once looked like.

US Cellular

I agree with Sean on this one. Supremely underrated. It was a miserable and cold afternoon game on a weekday. The amenities were wonderful.

Citizen's Bank Park

Went last year when I traveled to the area on business. This ranks right up there as one of the finest stadiums in the land. The location was great, the inside and outside were gorgeous. The seating was comfortable. Chikie's and Pete's!

Safeco Field

The only thing that could make this place better is a better team. Great concessions. Amazing sightlines. Especially in the upper reaches of the stadium.




The renovations to this park in 2008 really improved what was an already amazing stadium.

PNC Park

Hard to find a better baseball park. Hard to find a worse team.

Chase Field

The worst stadium ever.

Dodger Stadium

Did not spend a ton of time here, but wasn't impressed. I hate LA though, so I was influenced by the general failures of the city, not just the park.

AT&T Park

Amazing. Nothing I can say can describe it.

Miller Park

Boring. There's just nothing special here. But it is about a million times better than Chase.

Petco Park

My favorite stadium in my favorite city. Nothing not to love. Grilled hot dogs. Yum.

Busch Stadium

Sight lines were disastrous in this stadium. Felt removed from the action. Not a huge fan. love St. Louis though. Skip the park and go to City Museum.

Comerica Park

Kind of cool, but I went so long ago I have few memories of it.

Municipal Stadium

I attended several games there back in the day and I loved it because it was baseball as i knew it as a 7 or 9 year-old. The smell, the puddles of water, the broken glass hanging precipitously out of the windows... can't take away those fond memories.

Spring Training Stadiums

I have visited all of the AZ stadiums and can say hands down that Scottsdale's new park for the Dbacks and Rockies is the best sporting arena I have ever stepped foot in. I will be back again this year and I cannot wait. No better place to watch baseball. THe Phoenix (Glendale) park is special too. The Goodyear stadium is a blight and is too far removed from the rest of the Valley. Damn shame.

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My wife and I have been to every current ballpark but Petco and Target. We have tickets to opening night in Miami vs the Cards. Of the stadiums no longer here or in use, Cleveland Mun.,Metrodome, 2nd Busch stadium,old Yankee & Shea in NY,the Murph in SD.,and Fulton Co. stadium in Atl.

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My wife and I have been to every current ballpark but Petco and Target. We have tickets to opening night in Miami vs the Cards. Of the stadiums no longer here or in use, Cleveland Mun.,Metrodome, 2nd Busch stadium,old Yankee & Shea in NY,the Murph in SD.,and Fulton Co. stadium in Atl.

You lucky son of a gun! That must really be nice.

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I have only been in the Rogers Centre. At the time, 2000 it was still called the Sky Dome. I was visiting Canada at the time and I actually went to the Sky Dome for dinner. Apparently there was some baseball going on while I was eating. I didn't even pay attention to baseball then, but I liked the venue.

Since baseball was something kind of new to me, I was paying more attention to the game itself.

I have way more experience with soccer stadiums here in Portugal. I don't exactly know how it translates in terms of size, but soccer stadiums seem bigger to me. My favourite team's old stadium had a capacity for 120,000 people. Being there with 120,000 fans screaming at the top of their lungs was one of the great experiences of my childhood.

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