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Kccitystar's Uniform Template


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File Name: Kccitystar's Uniform Template

File Submitter: Kccitystar

File Submitted: 23 Sep 2011

File Category: Uniforms and Accessories

Version: 2.0

Included in this template are 8 parts of a modern uniform to get you started modding for MVP Baseball 2005/2004.

The templates included are one long sleeve, two short sleeves, 4 parts of the upper body, and 1 lower body

Click here to download this file

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You don't know how much I appreciate this. I made a bunch of 2011 MLB and MiLB uniforms this year and it was a pain to create my own templates to use. These are going to be great. Thank you. Thank you. :clapping:


Now you won't have to remove them from the downloads, right Dennis?

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