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Files For Xbox 360?


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Hi guys I'd like to know if any of these audio files, faces and stadium files work with the xbox 360 version of the game. And if so, can they also work with 2K13? If not can somebody make some?

I have been told that the audio mods also work for MLB 2K11, but I do not own 2K13, nor do I own an Xbox 360, so I really can't tell... I think they would work since they are pretty much the same games except for new rosters, but then again I have no idea how the Xbox version of the game is structured, so I can't say anything for sure

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No they can't work with the 360 or no they can't work with 2k13?

If you happen to look in the MLB2k12 download section you will find that there are no mods made for the xbox version of the game. The mods are for the PC here. Years ago we had mods for the Mvp version for X box (original one) and the PS2 but mods are not made for those two consoles anymore.

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Okay thanks. Do you happen to know where I can buy the full mvp 2005 for PC for a good price?

Go to eBay. If you are expecting to pay twenty dollars for this or less because it is a nine-year-old game then I'd suggest you buy another game. People sell it higher because of what is on this site. If you can get it for sixty dollars or less you made out.

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