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Vinyl Thread (starting a collection)


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So recently I received a vinyl player for my birthday this past weekend.  When we originally moved into this house, we found a lot of old records laying around specifically from the 60's and 70's... a lot of obscure stuff I have never heard of with the crown jewel in the collection being the Beatles Red Album of hits from 62-66.  I went out recently to some local shops and found some great used buys around my area.  will probably post some pictures in a while when i get them uploaded to my computer.  Now i know we have a lot of older users in here (at least older then me at 26) who have probably used this format for music before, hell maybe even still collect it. the question is... and the point of this thread is, does anyone have any tips for a collection, keeping the vinyls in pristine condition and just generally taking care of them.  Also i think it would be fun for people to post some pictures of what they have.  Its always fun to talk about collections and music



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Buy the Armor All wipes in the plastic cans.  That's what I use to clean and protect them.  I also use them for my expensive Nike Shox shoes.  They work wonders and don't put a harsh chemical on them. Use the purple cleaning wipe to clean, and the yellow label wipe to shine and protect.

I mostly have 70's and 80's rock, but I also buy all new stuff on Vinyl as well. Pretty much every artist has an LP come out.  I get mine from my local Hot Topic most of the time. I think the record sounds way better than the CD.

I have all the Motley Crew, Poison, Def Leopard, G N R's, Mettalica, Ratt, Led Z, Rush, all of the 80's rap ( Fat Boys, Run DMC, Slick Rick and Doug E Fresh, LL Cool J, Grand Master Flash, Kool Moe D, Curtis Blow, Mc Lite, Queen Latifa, Public Enemy, NWA, to name a few)

We have a pretty cool record store selection, but we now have a music club called The Vinyl downtown.  That is where I just bought my Box set of the group Disturbed.  it was 250.00 but it looks like an insane asylum case.  Also my Green Day. My fav's!

The Armor All will make them like new.


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