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Is there a way to change the color of socks and undershirts for the uniforms. Tribe has been wearing red socks. I have reditor and mlb2k12 roster editors but cant't  seem to have any luck. Thanks...

Ok so now I can actually help you out with this.  Image one is for the sock change.  I circles the socks in yellow.  Simply extract out the texture out of the file, recolor with photoshop/paint etc. and insert back into the uniform file if you want red socks.  

For the undershirt its really easy.  Simply switch the undershirt color from team color 1 to 2 in this example.  That easy, then save your file.  Hope this helps.



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Is the text editor required to change the color of a teams cap? My Texas Rangers home cap is red, but from everything I've seen, the cap is supposed to be blue. I saw MLB's cyber of Yovani Gallardo, and his home cap was blue. Is this something I can fix? Thanks in advance for your input.

that hat is its own texture. I will have to look. are you talking about their primary home jersey?

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Greetings Raiders! Yes, it is their primary home jersey hat. Thanks for any help you can pass along.

Unfortunately, I'm not seeing it on my end.  However,  If you are having issues you can re-download the 2015 Rangers uniforms here:


Do not import the colorlist. Just overwrite the files.

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