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    Thanks once again, Scotty!!!
    Thanks again for your great contributions Scotty! Much appreciated.
    Another great job, MLB Thanks!
  1. Howdy Raiders, Here's a shot of it. It was worn the night after the entire team wore his number 16.
  2. Greetings KC! Tonight Prado hit a home run and as he rounded the bases you can clearly see a circular patch on the right sleeve with a white #16 on it. They wore their black uniforms again tonight.
    Thanks so much, Bostonnico! Well done brother!
  3. Thanks to Hanny's cyberface of Jose and DaSteelerz tribute with the #16 on the outfield wall. Much appreciated!!
    Thanks DS! This is much appreciated having Jose's number #16 pasted on the wall! Thanks for taking of you valuable time to deliver this to us!
  4. To our wonderful modder out there, I wanted ask something of you. Tonight the Marlins will all wear Jose's number 16, and then follow that up with a patch to wear on their uniforms for the rest of the year. His death is still stinging me. I have a 24 year old son...the same age as Jose. Everytime he makes it home safely from work, I say a little prayer of thanks, knowing there will always be risk. If any of our famed artists have a moment and can carve out the time, I would really appreciate the patch they will wear beginning tomorrow. I do understand everyone is quite busy as the playoff are in our midst. Thanks for even taking it under consideration. This would be for our MLB2K12 portion of the family. Thanks guys.
    Thanks so much Scotty! Love the Karloff pic from his Mummy movie!
    Thanks so much, Scotty! Much appreciated.
    Thanks once again KC! Another top notch offering!
  5. Hello Guys, Unfortunately, I messed up my franchise to the point I'm crashing back to my desktop. While creating a few new rookies using Ty's editor, I used up the allotment of Free Agents. Now the "Free agent" tab no longer appears in Ty's Roster list, and I'm dead in the water on June 5 with Houston vs. Toronto. I can neither play the game nor sim the game, and wanted to know if this could be tied in with emptying all the available free agents. I checked the necessary things such as 25 man rosters and all lineups and rotations are filled. I'm using BSUFAN2K15 v6 roster. Any suggestions or assistance would be appreciated. Wishing everyone a Happy 4th of July. Thanks in advance!
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