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Edit Minute Maid Park dimensions

Marcos Irael

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They can be edited if I'm not mistaken. But I don't have nearly the experience to do this. Basically, what needs to happen is you need to access the wall.dat in the stadium's .big file. Once you export that as a Notepad document, there's a whole bunch of numbers that correspond to the coordinates of the wall layout. It's how the game detects whether a ball is fair or foul, if the ball is in play or out of play, it's a homerun or not, etc. That's the jackpot for getting the proper dimensions, but it's just a slew of numbers without explanations, so good luck.


Then, if you're able to get the wall.dat to the correct dimensions, you'll have to go into the mstadium.ord/mstadium.orl and either create the new wall yourself or pull the old wall in, which would have to be done in a program called OEdit, that was last supported on Windows 7 or 8, perhaps even XP. To use OEdit, there is a tutorial guide by I think Z-Mod?


In short, yes it can be done, but you'll have to get super good at stadium modding or you'll have to beg someone like Sean O to come back to stadium modding for one last hurrah. Good luck with either, though. 

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