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Rewrite History | A New York Mets Dynasty


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Rewrite History

A New York Met Dynasty

Introduction: It's been a minute and when I mean a minute it's been years since I've done one of these. With that said recently I've looked back on this forum and missed doing MVP content more so reported dynasties. Therefore why not start one back up, right? I do want to make a disclaimer it won't be as consistent with updates as it once was. I could post some updates consistently during a week whereas some weeks I don't post at all. If you want to follow along, awesome can't wait for you to see what we have in store for the dynasty. One goal in mind and pretty simple is to actually complete a full season and just have fun with it haha I hope to do that with this dynasty. Anyway thanks fo reading and glad to be back. 


Background: "Here's the 3-2 pitch to Beltran from Wainwright and it's in there for strike three and the Cardinals win the NL Pennant!" If you're a Mets fan like I am that still stings to this day watching Beltran take strike three curveball from Rookie Adam Wainwright to lose in the NLCS. What was meant to be the Mets year especially after "The Catch" by Endy Chavez it suddenly wasn't...


Aaron Heilman and Yadier Molina (yes that Yadier) had different plans that night and so did the Cardinals. So why not make a redemption story and see how the Mets can rebound from a heart-breaking lost in 2006 and see if they can push back into the playoffs and ultimately win the World Series. With a fantastic lineup and pitching, it's time to rewrite history and show why the mid-2000 Mets teams were one of the best in team history.


Welcome to Rewrite History, a 2007 New York Mets Dynasty. 



Current Year: 2007

Team: Mets

Datafile: Jims datafile

Games Being Played: April, All Star Game to end of July, September (Around 60-70 Games per season)

Playoffs: Playing the playoffs if A's make it. Otherwise only playing the World Series with random choice of team. This will include special presentation of edited videos than normal recaps. Also possibility of streaming the World Series games (if we make it live on twitch) 

Draft: Each year I will be looking at the exact draft and picking out the MLB players we see today and use MVPEdit to put them in the draft and will display the draft after each year to see who went were.

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On 7/22/2021 at 1:13 AM, Yankee4Life said:

Welcome back and good luck with your dynasty.


23 hours ago, GoRedSox34 said:

Great presentation, I'll be following this one. I had an insane Dynasty that lasted 5 real-life years from 2015-2019, now I've started a new one this year 😎

Thanks, glad to be back. Should have the first game up later today and continue through the weekend!




11 hours ago, Gordo said:

Consider OBS Studio to capture some plays, if your computer is powerful enough.

Definitely, already use it for streaming for the past few years on Twitch so that was my plan for playoffs. I didn't want to do it for the regular season as that would require a lot of work to edit through the game and such. 

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Game One: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals 



Tough loss here. Had the 4-1 lead going into the 7th and then everything started to collapse. Cardinals once again get the late game heroics for the 1st game of the season. 

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2 hours ago, sabugo said:

The wheels fell off. 
How Mets of you. Seems incredibly realistic.

Also: For some reason this got posted 4 times. 

All good and yea I felt the same way haha


Trust me, I do this in no matter what baseball game I play. I'm terrible at holding leads. 😅

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Game 2: New York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals



Game Recap:






Another game lost late in the game and this time due to Aaron Heilman (go figure) giving up a 2-Run double to Pujols in the 7th. So far this bullpen isn't doing great but only 2 games in so far so need to panic..yet

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Quick Series Recap: New York Mets at Atlanta Braves (Games 4-6)


Game 4:



Game 5:



Game 6:



Recap: Felt good to get some offense going especially the last game of the series. Creeping back to .500 ball. Note I will be doing a quick series recap every other series to get games in quicker. Also expect a weekly update of standings of NL East after the next few games. 

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