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What is your favorite re-thread  

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    • "How do I make money in Owner Mode?"
    • "MVPEdit Troubles....Help Please!!"
    • "Problem with New Patch"
    • "Not enough K's...This Game Sucks!!!"

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I personally like the ones where they get frustrated and break the disk on their knee and throw it away :wink:

No, nothing like coming out like a freaking cry baby, saying the game sucks, saying that he/she has decided to destroy the discs... and then, magically, after a patch, he/she is back again, posting here about how the new patch is making the game run better than ever... :roll: :roll: :roll:.

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Sometimes I lose patience with these noobs. You know what I'll do, I'll just give them a link to the search button on any repetitive question. You all should do the same.

I'm tired of seeing questions on the new patch about how to restore the old one.

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I'm sorry, but i read this guys only two threads again tonight, and they honestly may go down as the most classic thread starters I have seen...

They both bring a lot to the table:

1) spelling so bad, the guy is either 10 years old, or mentally retarded

2) utter incoherance

3) In 3 total posts, he was banned from the site

let's revisit, the QPontiac All-Time Greatest Threads

Second Place:

By chalupa

if bary bonds didn't dew stair roids, mark mcwire wouldn't haf cried on capital hill. also if bary bonds didn't dew stair roids then jose cansakeo would have not told peeple he did stair roids and jose cansakeo wouldn't have said that other peeple took them. bary bonds will be ruining basebol if he breaks aron's rekord and babe ruthe's rekord. bary bonds is a dissgrace to basebol and bary bonds is a cheeter. not only in basebol, but in marage two.

First Place...Hand's Down:

By chalupa,

come here two make joke about stuf like bary bonds dewing stair roids of coarse. i want to liten up stuf here so no one has to be serios all the time. i wuld like two make more jokes. i haf won called "wat if triple h plaid basebol" that i wuld like two post.

if triple h plaid basebol, he wuld probable be on the red sox. he wuld be on the red sox becaus he is from coneticut in the greenwitch area, and that is closer two boston insted of new york. but if triple h plaid basebol, triple h would be ejectid from every game. he would be ejectid becaus he would get mad easy. if he got a hit but was an out he wuld clothsline the first baseman. and if he got hit by a pitch, triple h wuld charge the mound and wuld give the pitcher a pedigree on the mound and make him bleed. so if triple h plaid basebol, it wuldnt be good. triple h also wuldnt be the game anymore.

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