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  3. And it is easy enough to change the file numbers to the official ones. Also, consider giving the recommendation for the skin tone to go with each face if you want.
  5. correction of the colors of the chest logos (name of the Teams)
  6. Yesterday
  7. omarito2013 great work friend of mine, and we will continue updating those faces that are missing the mvp baseball
  8. Version 1.0.0


    mike sokora atlanta braves victor robles washington nationales willy adames tampa bay ( new id for inconveniences with the id assigned previously)
  9. Correction: Willy Adames 684, replaces Aaron Hill The ID faces 150 of Luis Valbuena is assigned some glasses.
  10. I think you're confusing me with the OP
  11. Phillies acquired RHP Mike Morin from the Twins for cash considerations.
  12. Citadel Bulldogs, one of 3 DI programs located in Charleston, South Carolina.
  13. Version 1.1


    By Junior1617 and Josesito_YT Bueno este roster fue creado con mucha dedicacion para que ustedes disfruten como es de este gran mod MVP 2005,Esperamos les guste y lo disfruten,No tiene ningun error! ... Actualizaciones: -Atributos mejorados en base a estadisticas de por vida del jugador (Pichers y bateadores). -Velocidades y repertorios reales para los pichers. -Atributos de fildeo mejorados en base a la carrera del jugador. -Eliminados varios jugadores retirados y que juegan en mexico o japon. -Creados varios jugadores de ligas menores. -Hay 80 de 100 jugadores del top 100 prospectos 2019. -Cuadres de bateo y mecanicas de picheo lo mas parecido a la realidad. -Cada jugador tiene su contrato real. -Al terminar su temporada 2019 estaran los agentes libres que enrealidad lo seran para 2020. -En su temporada solo lucharan por el novato del año los que enrealidad estan en esa lucha este año,Ejemplo Pete Alonso. -Apariencia de jugadores parecidas a la vida real (Mangas,Medias,Protectores,Muñequeras) -Estatura y peso del jugador real. -Incluye los rosters del all star game 2019. Nota:Estas actualizaciones son para el 65% de los jugadores,Pronto sera para el 100% y ademas se eliminaran todos los jugadores que ya no tienen equipo para incluir jugadores a los equipos y llenar los rosters MLB-AAA-AA-A con jugadores que enrealidad pertenecen a su respectiva organizacion. Well this roster was created with a lot of dedication for you to enjoy as it is of this great mod MVP 2005, We hope you like it and enjoy it, you do not have any mistakes! ... Updates: - Improved attributes based on statistics for life of the player (Pichers and hitters). -Velocities and real repertoires for pichers. - Improved fielding attributes based on the player's career. -Eliminated several retired players and who play in Mexico or Japan. -Created several minor leaguers. -There are 80 of 100 players from the top 100 prospects 2019. -Batchers and pitching mechanics as close to reality. -Each player has his real contract. -At the end of its 2019 season will be the free agents that really will be for 2020. -In his season will only fight for the rookie of the year who really are in that fight this year, Example Pete Alonso. -Appearance of players similar to real life (Sleeves, Stockings, Protectors, Wristbands) -Status and weight of the real player. -Includes the rosters of the all star game 2019. Note: These updates are for 65% of the players, Soon it will be 100%, and all players who no longer have a team to include players in the teams and fill the MLB-AAA-AA-A rosters with players will be eliminated. that in reality belong to their respective organization.
  14. Les puedo pedir ayuda.. escribanme por PRIVADO. X FAVOR
  15. Oh my god, thank you I'm accommodating you, I'm neglecting mine oh por dios , gracias ya lo acomodo, que descuido el mio
  16. those are still the old home jerseys, amigo. The new D is on the chest. God Bless
  17. Last week
  18. Not sure. Although the right reminds me of Mankind from the old WWF days.
  19. EXACT FRIEND A Cavan Biggio THERE IS CHANGE ID 007 to 537
    Great addition to my current dynasty, thanks for all you do. Excellent as always.
  20. New ID's Cyberface Update: Cavan Biggio 537, replaces Jake Peavy
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