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  1. Wow it ,s great news! I think the show13 style scoreboard looks good Hope we can get new scoreboards soon
  2. Wow I,m waiting for release please! Thanks in advance
  3. Nice works again! I expect your another team release also Thanks
  4. thanks! looking for another new bp uni also.
  5. Hi Raidersbball20 It,s easy to do Just edit uniforms-hoa.iff It have some dds textures and there will be 512x512 size dds logo file at last Just import new logo and then it will work in wipe Hope it will help P.s) do you have any plans to update new portrait packs please
  6. Nice work! Hope we can see your great cyber face works often not only nba2k but also at mlb2k please
  7. hi i tried to add nike logo (white color) on the neckline and add under armour logo (white color) on the wristbands please see pics i found textures by 3dm inner parts texture is 037FFC00 wristbands is 02158E90 i tried everything that i can do and i can do it in black color but if i change color to white (what i want) it,s dissapear -not shown . i searched all 2k9-2k12 globals but can,t find how to change in white. tried for several days now i almost give up but last try need serious help from hard modders. thanks in advance
  8. 2k Default helmet looks dull So I try to make it more shine by editing dds file in global But it's not change Please need help Thanks in advance
  9. Nice works! But highlight logo still NL houston I hope it will be updated soon
  10. great!! always thanks for your works.
  11. Nice job !! Sorry but anyone can upload Latest living roster and latest 2k rosters please. Lost my cd keys and can't log in 2k share Need help please Thanks in advance
  12. played all minor league stadiums and found some errors HERE LIST FOR NEXT PATCH 1. legends field LOC ERROR select legends field but in game here looks pics -LOC appear as waterfront park and some stadium name didn,t appear at all 2. legends field and tinker field are same a002day.big and a003day.big are same files only different names but all files are legends fields please check it 3. team audio error team audio files no 97.dat, 103.dat, 104.dat, 105.dat are corrupt -cause sound off errors i hope it will be fixed soon by next patches thanks in advance
  13. lee you

    Face Moises Sierra

    thanks for uploading but cyber face number 883 same as jose altuve need new id
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