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  1. Version 1.0.0


    For modded Xbox rosters, overwrite the files (database.big and hist.dat) found in the Database directory with the current files I have included in this release. For precautionary purposes, you may want to back up your current database.big and hist.dat files. Once your game is loaded, what I usually do is go into the Free Agent players list and minimize all players that are CPU-made players (for pitchers, drop them to 1 star Star Power and set their Stamina to 10 and their fastball pitch control to 10). For position players, set their Star Power to 1 star and drop their Hitting/Power ratings
  2. Omarito, could we please get ID's for the following players. Thanks in advance: Shogo Akiyama - CIN REDS Kwang-hyun Kim - STL CARDINALS Shun Yamaguchi - TOR BLUEJAYS
  3. I have all of the Portraits for a modded Xbox. Now, they're not all updated with their new team hats, but at least there's a portrait for EVERYONE in the game thanks to people like Gordo and Omar. It's such a big file that I'll need to compress them into .rars and upload them here if that's okay with the mods. I've also got the rosters updated to this exact day (Betts on LAD, ect.) and I'll be posting them soon. Without having Gordo to continue his magic with the rosters, there's some players that haven't been completed. I've created them but don't have their attributes.
    Thank you so much, my friend!
  4. Thanks a bunch, my friend. Is there any glimmer of a chance you might work on rosters for 2020? I mean, your rosters are second to none, and I think, if your rosters go bye-bye, this game and our community may go bye-bye as well.
  5. Oh sweet! Yeah, that's really helpful. If you could kind of explain how you get the players' speed and defense would be great, as well as pitchers' attributes other than their pitch velocities which I get from Fangraphs.
  6. Gordo, any updates on your roster creation tutorials? I'm still working on the original Xbox rosters and have everything up to date. I just need to learn how to use a player's stats and turn them into attributes for the game. If you could help explain how to do all of this, I'll be glad to keep updating these rosters year to year. Thanks for all your hard work! -Mike
    Thank you so much, Omar!
  7. Okay, thanks for the the clarification, Gordo.
  8. Omar, do you know if there has been a portrait created for Brandon Woodruff? According to my files, his ID number is 0116, and unless I'm mistakenly passing by it, I can't find a portrait in any of the portrait files that have been uploaded in the past few months.
    Wonderful as always, Gordo! Thank you so much for your tireless effort on these magnificent rosters you create!
  9. Thanks for assigning these guys ID's, Omar!
  10. Hey Gordo, could you please check on Mike Soroka for the Atlanta Braves.  I believe his control numbers are at the 36 default from MVPEdit other than his fastball which is set at 11.  Thank you.



  11. May I request official IDs for the the following players currently playing in the majors right now that I don't believe have been assigned a number yet. Pete Alonso (Mets) Chris Paddack (Padres) Yusei Kikuchi (Mariners) Josh James (Astros) Thanks in advance.
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