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    Wonderful job! Thank you SO much!
  1. You better believe it, brother! I'll continue to update these as long as I live. No telling what changes we're eventually going to get into though such as the 26 man roster coming next year. I'll change those players' tweaks now. The Chisox are may favorite team that I keep up with (I know, I know..), and I immediately put Eloy with a Bernie Williams stance. I don't get a chance to watch a whole lot of baseball, though, so I could be wrong on that one.
  2. I appreciate you mentioning these little tweaks, Gordo. I'm working to get my rosters close to yours. Keep up the good work, brother!
  3. May I request official IDs for the the following players currently playing in the majors right now that I don't believe have been assigned a number yet. Pete Alonso (Mets) Chris Paddack (Padres) Yusei Kikuchi (Mariners) Josh James (Astros) Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks, Gordo. I'll do that now.
  5. Could someone make portraits for the following players: Pete Alonso (NO ID) Chris Paddack (NO ID) Yusei Kikuchi (NO ID) Dakota Hudson - 0615 Ryan O'Hearn - 3937 Pablo Lopez - 0357 Justin Anderson - 0425 Touki Toussaint - 4150 Fernando Tatis Jr. - 0871 Francisco Mejia - 0018 Victor Robles - 0131 Thanks in advance.
  6. My rosters are followed closely to Gordo's (Lord, Bless that man!). A millions thanks to him. I normally play fantasy seasons doing random drafts. I enable errors, injuries (MLB only), CPU initiated fair trades, and DH for both leagues. Since I do use DH in both leagues, I've set all pitchers to a 10/10 Contact/Power rating. That may bother people, but one day I may go adjust those according to Mr. Gordo's numbers. More to come later...
  7. Here's some more tidbits from my playing experience: It may sound crazy, but I still play on an old school 20 inch flat screen CRT. I've tried playing on HD televisions, but I find the lag when timing my pitching and hitting too unbearable. Sliders: I've had these written down on my notepad.exe for the longest that I forgot what each one stand for so just fix each slider from top to bottom inputting these numbers. MVP Difficulty: -15 0 -15 0 10 -20 35 0 0 -45 -30 -40 -25 5 0 50 50 -15 0 0 0 -5 -5 -5 0 0 0 0 5 5 0 -25 5 -10 15 15 0 0 -10 -10 40 0 0 0 0 0
  8. Thanks for the kind words, brother. Hope you enjoy them! Yes, that will be very helpful for us and to the non-modded Xbox users. Keep in touch! -Mike
  9. With a modded Xbox, you also use DylanBradbury's wonderful schedules he's made during the years. I have all of those from I believe 2012 til 2019. I interchange them time to time for some schedule variety. To use these, all you have to do is overwrite the schedule.dat file in the Database directory. I also have the player portraits that have been converted from PC to XBox. The file is portrait.big and goes in the FrontEnd folder, and it's is huuuuuuge. So, if someone is wanting that, that file will definitely have to be broken down into several .rar files because of its size. For other modifications I've used, I believe I'm still using the BatDitty (walk-up music) file found somewhere here in the downloads section. I also use the updated uniforms file found around the download section. If you're having a hard time finding them, I can send those to you if needed.
  10. Okay, for unmodded Xbox users, I'm going to need some help from people who are savvy with Xbox modding to find the .ros file from the MVP Baseball 2005 directory. I cannot find where the .ros file that is saved. I'm currently using the UnleashX dashboard and call myself searching forever to find where that file might be located but to no avail. Once we can find that file, unmodded users should be able to use an Action Replay to load these new rosters. My A/R is no longer working but when Kraw was releasing the .ros file for unmodded Xbox users, it was a piece of cake to install and play. I'm not sure if Dynasty/Owner modes are playable as it's been a while. But, I believe I remember the season freezing/crashing during the first or second week of April. I never had any problems with Exhibition games though.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    For modded Xbox rosters, overwrite the files (database.big and hist.dat) found in the Database directory with the current files I have included in this release. For precautionary purposes, you may want to back up your current database.big and hist.dat files. Once your game is loaded, what I usually do is go into the Free Agent players list and minimize all players that are CPU-made players (for pitchers, drop them to 1 star Star Power and set their Stamina to 10 and their fastball pitch control to 10). For position players, set their Star Power to 1 star and drop their Hitting/Power ratings to 10. Be sure to save your rosters afterwards (I save mine as 2019 Rosters) so when you restart your game in the future, all you have to do is load your rosters. For PC users, just copy and overwrite the 19 .dat files found in the Database directory. Again, you may want back up your current .dat files for precautionary measures. For all questions and comments regarding these rosters and help with installed, please refer to this topic: MVP_Basball2005_Opening_Week_Rosters_2019-bagwell4ever.rar
  12. We'll direct all questions and comments regarding installing these rosters to your original Xbox in this thread. Break out those old school OxBoxes! MVP_Basball2005_Opening_Week_Rosters_2019-bagwell4ever.rar
  13. Hi, Just checking to see if there's much interest out there for people with the original Xbox. I've been working on these for years as anybody knows, MVP Baseball 2005 is NOT easy to play with updated rosters without crashes/freezing. I've now perfected to play exhibition games without any freezing on unmodded and play Dynasty/Owner modes for many, many seasons without freezes/crashing on a modded Xbox. I also have sliders available that should keep MOST of the players' statistics close to how they play on the field. Like I said, just gauging the interest out there because, in my opinion, this is the BEST baseball video game to date, and this gives people a much cheaper option to play the game with updated rosters instead of purchasing the expensive PC game. Thanks, bagwell4ever
    Gordo 4 Prez! Another year of Gordo's top notch rosters! Thank you again SO MUCH, brother, for your hard work and dedication on these rosters! You are the O.G.!
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