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  1. 7 days and no replies. So im going to wait another week and then its going on ebay if nobody here wants it.
  2. so the original buyer fell through so PM me if you are interested. First come first serve basis.
  3. As the title states, im selling my copy of mvp 05. I have moved on to the show for good. The discs have not been taken out of the case for at least 2 years. Comes with jewel case and box with CD key. I am asking 30. On a side note, i remember i bought this copy in late 2007 for 130 dollars.....best 130 dollars i ever spent.
  4. What position? Pitcher/ Left fied/Right Field. Catcher until the end of 8th grade. Yes a left handed catcher. Were you a power pitcher? Never threw "hard", more of a move it around pound the zone, and rely on movement kinda guy. Actually never threw a breaking ball/ offspeed pitch until my sohpomore year in HS. still managed to have a sub 2 era until HS. Were you a power hitter? HELL NO LOL Contact hitter? yes, call me the left handed jeter, always flipped the ball to left/ left center. Decent Glove? yes, not a ton of range, but when i was there to make a play i almost always made it. How many HR's did you hit? 3 inside the park, one of which hit off the fence in 8th grade. Did you make the All-Star team? just once, in 8th grade summer league as a catcher and pitcher, interesting combo huh.
  5. So i have been having a problem with the WAVE volume muting itself randomly. When it does mute i can sit there and click the wave volume back up only to be immediately muted again. I have looked around and what I've seen most people have "audio ads" through IE. But i have not gotten any pop up ads at all. Ive uninstalled and reinstalled my audio drivers twice no avail. All the solutions i have seen haven't don't anything to fix it, which really irritates me. System Specs are: Windows XP Media Center Edition Service Pack 2 2002 Edition
  6. this thread http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?showtopic=29998 thankfully i have it bookmarked so it was easy to find. all you need is a text editor and some patience.
  7. well you can edit the pitch meter itself, its speed, the size of "the sweet spot" the green bar. this combined with daflyboys suggestion would make pitching very difficult.
  8. well since i own a car, i could go and steal a car right...................
  9. For starters, lube up your mouse real good, then stick it up your ***. #2 Buy a real copy of the game #3 repeat step 1.
  10. it really depends on how updated your cyberfaces are. because if you are using the 08 mod "out of the box" without any updates, you will probably have alot of wrong faces and most likely some crashing issues.
  11. you picked wednesday because its my only off day this week didnt you! you rascal cant wait for it.
  12. just fabulous jed. You've come so far as a cyberface maker!
  13. Ill give those a shot tomorrow laroquece.
  14. SESbb30

    Mvp 13?

    yes its coming out when nobody asks for 2 weeks.
  15. First off thank you to the 2012 mod team. Over the past few months i have been working on some sliders for a dynasty on MVP difficulty. And a few weeks ago i thought i finally got them to where i wanted them, so i start a dynasty to test it out. And through 14 games in 2 different dynasty's every game sees about 7-8 homers on average, the score usually ends up 11-10. I tried moving sliders again, but that didn't seem to do very much to help. The cpu seems to randomly crush perfectly placed pitches constantly, while in exhibition those would be routine outs most of the time. And on pitches down the middle, well those are hit about a country mile as they should be. And for pitching the yellow and green zones on the pitch meter are smaller than in exhibition games, they were smaller to begin with because i changed them in the datafile, but still they are smaller than exhibition which does not make a lick of sense to me. I am COMPLETELY out of patience with the crap this game has been giving me lately.
  16. you are missing something. You must have had a dynasty save that started in spring training. On PC and Xbox it should start with the regular season. I had mulled making a "start in spring training save" for the few rosters that are around right now.
  17. Im not sure if anyone else is having this problem, but im having lagging issues. I turned down all the settings and its still lagging. Ive never had a problem with lagging until now. EDIT: Tried turning vertical sync OFF, still skipped but it was noticeably better. Then tried a reinstall didnt fix anything. Im stumped on this one.
  18. fix it then. ill expect the mod to be done by sunday 8pm.
  19. im sorry, i love the rock, i really do, but the new title makes me want the spinner belt back. just my 2 cents on that. And jack swagger is a retard. hes finally getting a push again, and he does this. what a moron.
  20. SESbb30


    install the game, install the patches, then the mod.
  21. i play without the CD. havent had to put my CD in for years. there used to be a tutorial on here about how to do it, not sure if its still around or not.
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