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  1. MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    For those of us non-modders, I know that I am at least interested . . . but what is the damn Justin Verlander audio file?
  2. MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    BEGIN SARCASM Yeah, I mean come on now! I already completed my own 2k17 mod 3 weeks ago and am enjoying the heck out of my franchise! It's spectacular! And I'm not going to share it with ANY of you because you didn't ask me. I did this mod for myself, dangitall! END SARCASM Seriously, I think this mod is great. People have taken time out of their lives to help improve the PC gaming community. I agree here with carterajames and many others. This mod will be ready when it's ready and I'll be ready when it's ready. I appreciate everything these guys (and gals?) have done and, even if it crashes several times, I'll live. To be honest, I tried modding some stadium ads a few years ago and it's not as easy as you think, especially if you want things to look JUSSSSSST right. So I admire all these people for their fine work. They have pride in their craft and they want it done right. Quick fixes? Nah, they want it done RIGHT. I love this website and, even though I don't contribute much, it's still a daily visit on my bookmarks.
  3. MLB 2K17 - Mod Preview

    I think it is fantastic that you may have figured out the schedule a bit. So what if the calendar in the game says April 6th instead of 3rd; or 2012 instead of 2017. As long as you can play the schedule and keep the franchise stats, etc. that'd be fine with me. The last couple of seasons I started a "franchise" with updated rosters but just played each game in a "Play Now" scenario since there was no schedule. It was fun for a while but the lack of statistical accumulation and other things made me abandon it by the time I got to games in May/June. Thanks for the update on the project!
  4. And then what happened?

    "I'm sorry, player, but our princess is in another castle!"
  5. MLB2K16

    These are outstanding! I took the year off from playing the game but may have to get back in when this stuff is released! Absolutely fantastic stuff here at MVP Mods!
  6. Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 2-4

    The only thing I disagree with is this comment about the Yankees that you made: "They have a lot of contracts that no teams would touch while they were sober." I might be wrong, but I think you meant, "They have a lot of contracts that no teams would touch while they were sloshed out of their minds." Obviously, if they were sober, they would know better to trade for those contracts. But, if they were stone-cold drunk and were still smart enough to turn down those contracts? Now, THAT would be an accomplishment! Thanks for the occasional write-up, too!
  7. Site Issues

    Is anybody else having trouble with the chatbox? My AVG is coming up with a virus detection. When I load up the site, it automatically shuts down the chatbox and the AVG window says, "Threat: Virus found JS/Downloader.Agent Object Name: www.mvpmods.com/applications/bimchatbox/interface/chat/chatbox115. js?v=24f01e9385 Threat has been successfully removed." Hasn't happened before but has for the last 15 hours or so.
  8. Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 2-4

    Aw, that's a bummer. I've enjoyed reading the thread for several years and enjoying it for what it was--something semi-entertaining and "different" from everything else out there. Some things got old--Boston stuff, Papi stuff--but I understood why they were written. Here's hoping you enjoy the "free time" that you re-capture from not having to write this each week.
  9. Random Thoughts On A Sunday Morning Updated To 2-4

    Errant pitches on intentional walks probably occur once or twice a season, believe it or not. I know I've seen it several times on MLB Network over the years. Now, if you specifically meant wild pitches on intentional walks that allow a runner to score, that is probably more rare. But also more common than you think. I wonder if I can find that data on fangraphs or something.
  10. Incredible Pc Hockey Game

    I just found this submenu for the first time: What do you do with the player advantage and goalie advantage sliders? If you slide it one way or the other, it gives the skaters/goalie better attributes or what? So, if I slide the goalie advantage slider to the left (toward the CPU side) does it make the opposing goalie tougher to score against? I noticed that it ticks up to +/- 14 points to either side so how big of a difference is there for each "tick" that you move the slider? Sorry for the questions but I couldn't find anything on this on your forum.
  11. MLB2K15byBsuFanFX

    Question for you. This is your version 2 roster so this does include those changes, correct? Weren't there also some portrait or cyber face issues as well? Or did those get fixed, too? I appreciate the work. I wasn't going to play a franchise this season, but this may make me change my mind.
  12. Incredible Pc Hockey Game

    how do you get the widescreen to work? I can't seem to get ride of the black pillarboxes that force it to a 4:3 aspect ratio. I've tried the "disable desktop composition" that I read somewhere in the faq but it doesn't work, even in Windows 7 for me. edit: Nevermind (I think). I looked through the install folder and found launcher.exe and saw that you can change resolutions and stuff from that. After going from the v. 1.04 .exe to the v. 1.01 .exe, it seems to be in widescreen now.
  13. Wrigley Field - Chicago Cubs

    I just picked up the game again for the first time in over a year and decided to check out these new and improved stadium textures. I have to say, well done! Wrigley Field looks extraordinary now! I'm very impressed. If there is one quibble (and I don't even know if the stadium mod had anything to do with this) it is too many fans NOT wearing Cubs stuff. The crowd is very colorful, but too much red, yellow, brown, and other colors. I saw the occasional jersey or whatnot but not nearly enough that you'd see at a big league game. Otherwise, this is exceptional. Looking forward to downloading some others and taking a look. (Oh, and the Cubs lost 10-2 to my Brewers!)
  14. Pushing Mlb 2K12's Graphic Even Further.

    I was referring to Y4L's post that stated: "I've read this entire thread over again from the beginning and aside from all the animated gifs I have no idea at all what you all are talking about!" I apologize for making a comment that I, too, had no idea what you guys are excited about and probably won't until I see some screenshots.
  15. Pushing Mlb 2K12's Graphic Even Further.

    so, in other words, until you guys actually make something with this new tool, many of us will be left in the dark of how awesome this tool really is. I'm with Y4L here: I get that you guys are excited but until I actually see a finished image (or a work-in-progress) I'll just shrug my shoulders about it.