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  1. Just upgraded from Windows XP to Windows Ultimate 64bit...have to try the toothpaste trick tonight on MVP 2005 disc 2 because it wouldn't read a .big... I only upgraded because I wanted to try RBI on Steam...but my Nvidia 9500 card might not even support it. Madden 2008 working... NHL 2004 working... Fifa World working... MVP 2005...hoping by tonight... I want to get a golf game soon...maybe perfect golf?
  2. This is quite interesting. The process is understandable, and I'd like to see if it corresponds to what happens in "real" games via some simulations. I am choosing to do other things right now, but maybe I'll see if there is a way to use this model with SBS strategic baseball simulator (or if it has been done).
  3. The gauntlet has been thrown.
  4. Steam is lacking sports games, so I will try it out as well.
  5. If you'd like to try Tunngle, let me know. A league would be a dream...
  6. Hello Peter, I just started using Evolve, and it does seem polished. Have you tried MVP 2005 with it? I played in Daflyboys league, and hope you are able to get one off the ground.
  7. I'm curious if there will be lag, but I am going to try... Kainy (Streams games from PC to an android device.) OUYA (Android device.) I'll post an update after testing...
  8. Not yet...for PC...the custom course look promising though.
  9. nclemenson

    Mvp 13?

    Ditto! I found a 2013 roster for the SHOW 11 at Operation Sports, but I prefer playing MVP 2005...even though I'm not very good.
  10. @daflyboys If it becomes a chore as opposed to a hobby, don't do it...because then I might miss out on the rosters I want ;)
  11. You sparked my interest with the Navi-X...watching episode 1-1 of bewitched right now!
  12. Well it won't be because of me...I guess I'll have an xbmc device if nothing else.
  13. nclemenson


    MVP 2005 on the OUYA would be great...
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