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  1. kike2005


    That blue tone in the game, how do you achieve it? Could you pass me the Yankees stadium?
  2. What portraits do I do?
  3. I did not understand much. What do you mean?
  4. Quiet, in this page I am not very known or crowded but in Mvp Caribe yes. I did portraits for some mods
  5. I can make portraits for you, but I would need your help if you have some of the portraits I need for MVP 18
  6. kike2005

    Pack Faces

    Good job, try to improve the faces of: - Paul DeJong - Dan Jennings - J. T. Realmuto
  7. Hi guys, in mvp caribe we are doing a mvp baseball 2018, if anyone wants to collaborate they could write me to the private
    I needed it! It was just what I wanted 10/10 my brother
    Lo acabo de probar, es la actualización mas dura de 2k que he visto.
  8. Id de face para J. P. Crawford Y de portrait para Scott Barlow y Shohei Otani Por favor...
    Le falta mucho por mejorar, parece apenas la base ,la forma de la cara no es la correcta
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