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  1. I think they officially changed to the red hat as the main away two years ago. My in-laws are huge cardinals fans and they even corrected me quickly when I thought it was the blue as their main alt. Not that it matters, too much, but if someone says they're following what a team does as far as that part goes and trying to be accurate with it, I do my best to help them follow that. Just by looking at their schedule uniforms this year or the past two years, they use the blue hat away probably 3 times a month at most. It should be a quick switch though. Although the belts for each corresponds to the color of the hat, too, so the belt colors are different in these two uniform cases. Had he said he wanted to deviate and use the away alt as his main alt, I am totally fine with that, but when he said MLB states it's the other way around, but I see everything on every website, saying exactly the opposite, even statistically, I will challenge that, to make sure it is true.
  2. What mlb source link are you using? Everything I'm looking at says the opposite. Even that link shows that they use the red cap away combo way more, which would indicate that is the primary away uniform. EDIT: Also, you can add an extra uniform by editing the roster file and an importing the uniform info via a colorlist text file and just use one of the unused slots. Also, for the uni's on that link, if you look at the records on the right for each uniform, you can see which uni's they use the most, which for away, it is the red cap, which indicates that is their main away. Also, it is their away in MLB The Show 19, too. Blue cap away isn't even in The Show 19, actually. EDIT 2: See attached from a screenshot from The Show 19, to further prove this.
  3. That is fine, just mentioning, but they use the red hat as the main away now, that was the biggest thing I was pointing out. The blue hat used to be the main away uniform, but isn't now. You can look at their uniform schedule and see that. This is a good source to see that. which tracks the uniforms they've used every game this year. The second image you posted even shows that. Link: https://uniformlineup.com/st-louis/stl-daily-uni-lineups/
  4. The red hat away is the main away uniform now and the blue hat is alt away. Also you’re missing the home alt that has the blue hat and red bill and cardinal logo on it. See this for reference:
  5. Not sure. Although the right reminds me of Mankind from the old WWF days.
  6. Got some updated attires if anyone wants them. I'll add them to downloads tomorrow. Have some for D-backs, Phillies, Cubs, and Braves (almost done with last one, just need to change brightness on socks, and will resize the MLB150 patches on all, just was seeing if I could get it to work) Here's a screenshot of two (wanted to note D-backs hat since the latest updated uniforms on here for them aren't accurate as far as hats go.
  7. The one for his style or the plain black Stance ones they have?
  8. Although I like the socks, I can provide an alternative set, using the real socks they use, for anyone wanting authenticity (I'll work on the patches soon too, just tried to get the socks & MLB 150 patch on them first). For the throwbacks, the only logo on the socks are the small stance logo, as for the normal socks, they have it where it just shows the bell logo like in the picture I have here, but with the small stance logo above it, too. I would love to have your socks as alt socks to have, but definitely not what they have in my save. Here's a good screenshot from my game on what I have so far, which is what they use (I have to move the Stance circle logo a little). Also attached some examples. If anything, try to size the bell down a little on the throwbacks though. So, if you go with those socks, I may release my set using the socks they actually use, for anyone who wants them.
  9. One more question, I started to add more details to a uniform for the Phillies. When I started to add more of the modded uniforms that I did for them, it slowed down my game massively, even at the today menu on the main page. But when I reverted to the less edited ones, it went back to normal. Any ideas what can cause that?
  10. I gotcha. I may take a look into editing them on blender for both textural and structural modding. May take me a bit, but I do feel like there could be a way to have it done. I have an extra computer via a VM in Hyper-V that I can test the editing with.
  11. I gotcha. Thanks. That said, what do you edit the stadiums with? I want to look into how to add the brick wall to this and the others that added it. Also, hows the progress on the uniforms going?
  12. Question, how did you get the sleeve textures to be like they are in the screenshots?
  13. Hmm, interesting. I would love to learn how to figure that out. What tool do people use the most with editing the stadiums? I've used Flare3D for editing wrestling stadiums in the WWE 2K series as well as a mobile game called Wrestling Revolution. So I would love to find a way to get that to work. Also, I ask, because I wonder if how like when people post logos on walls, if there would be a way to put a brick texture over the wall, maybe, in those areas, without even having to replace what's already there.
  14. Might want to update the wall behind homeplate. It is a brick wall now. The same needs to be adjusted for SunTrust Park for the Braves. Here's a good reference link:
  15. I was able to figure it out for updating the uniform myself. Did a test by adding the new era logo to the hat as well as the Bell logo to the socks (it's a WIP though, so I still need to add the Stance logo). Here's an example I have of what I did to the uniform with a screenshot of Mailkel Franco (not my Cyberface creation though)
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