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  1. I was working on the Marlins, but veesmack beat me to it, but I may try to get his permission to update the textures. I think I'll try to tackle the Blue Jays next, then maybe some minor league uniforms.

    Could we just use MVP 08 as a base and update from there? It would be so much easier, since the minor league uniforms are in that one.

  2. index.php?app=downloads&module=display&s

    File Name: 2012 San Diego Padres Uniforms

    File Submitter: bctrackboi11

    File Submitted: 13 Mar 2012

    File Category: Uniforms and Accessories

    Version: 1.0


    Thank you for checking out my 2012 San Diego Padres uniforms for MVP Baseball 2005. Included is are the home, away, and alternate uniform sets, numbers and a uniform select screen. These uniform will be available under the San Diego Padres slots. If you want the uniforms in another slot instead, just unzip the files and rename the .fsh images to whatever slot you like.


    The Padres unveiled all new uniforms across the board in the offseason. The Padres based the home and away designs off of historical uniforms from the former Pacific Coast League team by the same name. The digital camoflauge pattern on the alternate is based on the same pattern that the United States Marines wear. Many see it as nice upgrade from the previous green military themed uniforms San Diego wore in previous years, as it looks closer to modern and current military styles.



    -You will need kraw's Total Installer Thingy (TiT), which you can get right her on mvpmods.com

    -The rest is self explanatory, just install the .RAR file named "INSTALL ME" using TiT, and you are done!

    -As usual, remember to back up your files before installing!


    -UMachines of MVPCaribe for his great uniform templates

    -RedSox for the Uniform Modding tutorial

    -TheSpungo, for some of the templates, various catching gear and shoes used in my uniforms

    -redeck and dennisjames71 for their feedback and assistance

    -The guys at MVPMods.com, MLBmods.com, and MVPCaribe.com for keeping a great game alive!



    Click here to download this file

  3. Hate to see Jeter and Posada declining so rapidly, but I guess that's baseball. My only question is who plays shortstop now? I remember when Barry Larkin still thought he could play and a big fuss was made in Cincinnati over the Reds not resigning him. Since then, the Reds have had a different guy (some all stars, some not) almost every year.

  4. Hurry up and download this before the stuffed shirts at MLB pull it from youtube. It's Ernie Harwell at his classic best.

    Even as a lifelong Reds and Yanks fan, I got chills listening to this legend. Remember the 06 All Star interview? :facepalm:

  5. if i had the pressbox of the guys u want, i would make more. i'm only making these from pics on the web and a few old pressboxes i have in my files

    i think Will Rhymes is worthy of a face, but really dont have a good hi res pic of him so it wouldnt look good.

    Hi guys, I don't post on here much because I just enlisted into the Navy and don't have much time to mod, but I do have an MLB Pressbox account if you are still looking for pictures of anybody. Just let me know who you need and I can zip them up and post them here.

  6. Alright, here is a screen of what I got so far. After importing in game, I already see I need to make the hat logo bigger. The biggest issue is what is circled, however. The regular catcher's mask is not transparent; you can't see the catcher's face. Other than that, this is just a work in progress, not the final thing. I have never made uniforms before, so bear with me as I figure it out.


  7. Alright man, send me the templates when you get the chance. I've been wanting to work on Eastern Kentucky (where I go to school) and alot of the Ohio ones. Also, what about logos? What kind of format do they need to made in? PNG is easiest to work with by far because of transparency capabilities (done it in NBA live before), but I'm not sure if you can import them or not.

  8. Hey, I'm new to MVPmods, but have lots of experience in making uniforms for Madden 08 (with the guys at football-freaks.com) using Corel PaintShop Pro. I'd love to take a crack at some uniforms, if you need help. I've been trying to find 2X templates, however, do they exist or do I have make my own? Also, what stadiums do you plan on using? I think most of the default minor league ones can be edited. I'd love to contribute to this project, let me know what I can do to pitch in.

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