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  1. 57 minutes ago, mcoll said:

    if you have template to make the base uniform and layers then convert them properly there not real hard to do.  the hard find part find images and logos for them.


    Yeah, there has been a lot of detective work behind the scenes for what I do have done. I've had to pull directly from photos, old media guides, even redraw a few things in illustrator. Not hard work, just time consuming.

  2. 25 minutes ago, mayoluck said:

    Ill def take them, this weekend im off friday to monday night so im going to learn my self how to make some unis. Sit down watch some vids and play with the tools. TBH i got a late start on my project and have no problem shelving it, its not something locked into a specific yr. Ill just play exhibition games till im done. Im way more intrested in working on the NCAA mod. It will help me knock out my Minors overhual (not many will want it but me prob, id rather play seasons of minor affiliates)  


    Next issue i just noticed we might have, B-C is predominant black school. How would we go about making the rosters randomly have that. Same with some of the schools that are traditionally latino, white or foreigners? It be nice to have some way of keep it authentic to these traditional schools. B-C, Jackson State, Grambling and Southern (not sure if u have all them schools) are all in this category. BTW ive always loved B-C n these are sick, same colors as my HS

    We'll just go in and tweak what generic faces are assigned there. Not something I'm worried about too much yet, the biggest bear is these uniforms.

  3. @mayoluck if you would like to, that would be great. Right now the thing I need the most of is creating the actual uniforms. Each team will have anywhere from 2-6 sets, depending on what they wear, usually home, away and a couple of alternates. Some teams like LSU have 8 different uniforms. I've got a working set of templates, specifically for Nike's jersey stitching and some of the common number fonts that are often repeated. Let me know if you want them. Here's a quick preview of Bethune-Cookman out of Daytona Beach, FL by the way. 

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_5_2019 10_06_48 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_5_2019 10_03_22 AM.png

  4. 23 minutes ago, mayoluck said:

    I have a question along the lines of this too, how did you get the logos swapped, RII or another mod tool, bc ive had now luck in RII? Im working on my minor league logo updates. My guess is im in the wrong mod tool🤔 sorry not trying to highjack i just thought banner logos and colors (your question) would be in the same tool and now im confused.



    Swapped the logos in the 3DM tool. Nothing else works. From what I understand after doing a little digging I'm going to need to change the colors in a hex editor.

  5. I like that idea. Quick question. Any idea on how to change the team colors? I noticed the logos were "colored" as well. (See yellow Duke logo). Also attached is the roster with the current assignments and AbbrID names. Going to create a list of generic faces and skin tones so we can randomize the players even more. Thoughts?



    Major League Baseball 2K12 9_2_2019 11_20_46 PM.png

    Roster6 College.ROS

  6. 16 minutes ago, jack805td said:

    I've expanded the roster with another 20 team slots above and beyond the default 2k amount of teams. They can be added and the file itself is crash free.


    Running into some issues with teams that are not set as all star or legend teams.

    The problems relate to what you set the team types to (if its MLB or not). Certain in-game functions will not work for the additional teams.

    I am trying to see if it would work if they are set to created teams, but that does not allow you to trade, release players,etc. like normal teams do.


    So far, I find if you just use the amount of 2K default teams everything works fine. You can add all star or legend teams too and they will function as the default ones do. The other college specific teams are the issue. Example, team types 4 (Class A) only show up in franchise mode,


    If you discovered anything and would like to share that let me know. Thx

    I'm setting them all to MLB. Awesome work again brother

    Now I noticed that outside of the first 30 IDs, playoff mode doesn't allow you to select other teams. I'll probably release a separate playoff mode file based on the actual college world series from 2019. I don't intend on trading or releasing or even attempting franchise mode...much like the MVP version of this mod it will largely be Play Now only.

  7. 12 hours ago, mayoluck said:

    Instead of making another post ill just add it to this and make it my personal FAQ section.


    Next issue is, which iff file has the pop text on screen (ball, strike, late swing etc) bc i want all of it gone, and plan on having to listen and watch for the call. BTW im on the learing curve when dealing with iff's but would like to give it a shot on my own.




    I want to say that this is all in english.iff.

  8. 1 hour ago, jack805td said:

    Here are the current files.


    I entered the team names and assigned stadiums. I created for Arizona and Southern Cal Create a team logos and unis for the time being. Once we get the uni files (and names) we can enter them into the roster file with Redit.


    The ratings are auto generated and are easily adjusted. Example, I made the ratings for college below MLB levels. If you think something should be adjusted let me know.


    I will be play testing this more and making further adjustments as we go along.

    Roster6 College.ROS 6.52 MB · 1 download MLB2K12 Ratings Calculator Template v1013c college.xlsb 42.18 MB · 2 downloads Difficulty Sliders1.SLD 256 B · 1 download

    OK. Taking a look at the roster. Noticed a few teams were left out. So we can't move the all star, legends or home run derby teams around. But we can place teams in the roster after their spots.  Yes, it creates a "split" in the roster and is a pain in the rear but it allows for me to fit in everyone. ID numbers are important. AbbrID isn't so much as I will be using just about every single logo spot for a team. My working roster looks something more like this. I am looking at your ratings calculator and honestly have no idea how to use it. What do I need to do if I say, wanted to create a new team and populate a roster?


    REDitor II                                                                                                © Vl@d Zola Jr. 8_30_2019 10_07_13 PM.png

    Otherwise, great job on the player and roster ratings.

  9. 3 hours ago, jack805td said:

    Little update.. created a "random' roster for all teams... plugging in team data...going to play test it.  I will try to retain the ability to play franchise mode with it...but not sure that will work with the college structure (unless we make the lesser ranked teams minor league teams of the higher ranked teams,etc)...may have to stick to exhibition and playoff mode (a 10 team tournament).

    Holy crap dude. You are THE MAN

  10. 2 hours ago, mayoluck said:

    Lot of good info in here, im going to have to sit down and practice playing with some files this weekend. Its new to me but im a quick learner and worth it to keep these projects going. Its not in the announcers aduio file? Ive just joined and only seen a few thing about not being able to crack the announcers file, i could be wrong.


    Very intrested in the 2019 stat update, b new rosters mess up players stats and some are nit even tracked on some players.


    There are a few tools i need to download this weekend, i live in bfe so downloads speeds suck atm till i move.

    Man them UM unis, thats who ill be using. Is there a way to edit the stadiums(as in trim out upper decks and remove outfiled seats? Make the stadium more D1 D2)  or pull files from other 2k baseball games and add there stadium to 2k12. 

    It *can* be done on a limited basis (see DaSteelers SunTrust Park), but I just plan on making all the minor league parks generic and adding the big league parks that college teams have played in recently. However, we can add as many stadiums as we want, just can't add any names to the stadiums if that makes sense. 

  11. @mayoluck lucky for you, Dallas Baptist DID make the cut of teams!


    Here is a comprehensive team list. Yes, I know there are snubs but I tried to represent every DI conference with at least 2 teams. We can't add to the logo files, otherwise I would add more. You may notice tiny Berea College in the list, they are my alma mater and I have a lot of friends that played here.


    Air Force Falcons

    Alabama Crimson Tide

    Alabama A&M Bulldogs

    Alabama State Hornets

    Arizona Wildcats

    Arizona State Sun Devils

    Arkansas Razorbacks

    Army Black Knights

    Auburn Tigers

    Ball State Cardinals

    Baylor Bears

    Berea College Mountaineers

    Bethune-Cookman Wildcats

    Boston College Eagles

    Brigham Young Cougars

    Bryant Bulldogs

    Cal Poly Mustangs

    Cal State Fullerton Titans

    California Golden Bears

    Campbell Fighting Camels

    Canisius Golden Griffins

    Charleston Southern Buccaneers

    Chicago State Cougars

    Cincinnati Bearcats

    Citadel Bulldogs

    Clemson Tigers

    Coastal Carolina Chanticleers

    College of Charleston Cougars

    Columbia Lions

    Connecticut Huskies

    Creighton Blue Jays

    Dallas Baptist Patriots

    Dayton Flyers

    Duke Blue Devils

    East Carolina Pirates

    Eastern Kentucky Colonels

    Elon Phoenix

    FAMU Rattlers

    Fordham Rams

    Florida Gators

    Florida Atlantic Owls

    Florida Gulf Coast Eagles

    Florida State Seminoles

    Fresno State Bulldogs

    Georgia Bulldogs

    Georgetown Hoyas

    Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets

    Grambling Tigers

    Harvard Crimson

    Hawaii Rainbow Warriors

    Houston Cougars

    Illinois Fighting Illini

    Indiana Hoosiers

    Iowa Hawkeyes

    Kansas Jaykawks

    Kansas State Wildcats

    Kentucky Wildcats

    LIU-Brooklyn Blackbirds

    Long Beach State Dirtbags

    Louisville Cardinals

    LSU Tigers

    Maryland Terrapins

    Memphis Tigers

    Miami Hurricanes

    Miami (OH) Redhawks

    Michigan Wolverines

    Michigan State Spartans

    Minnesota Gophers

    Mississippi State Bulldogs

    Missouri Tigers

    Morehead State Eagles

    Navy Midshipmen

    NC State Wolfpack

    Nebraska Huskers

    Nebraska-Omaha Mavericks

    New Mexico State Aggies

    North Carolina Tar Heels

    North Carolina A&T Aggies

    Northeastern Huskies

    Northern Kentucky Norse

    Northwestern Wildcats

    Notre Dame Fighting Irish

    Ohio State Buckeyes

    Ohio Bobcats

    Oklahoma Sooners

    Oklahoma State Cowboys

    Old Dominion Monarchs

    Ole Miss Rebels

    Oregon Ducks

    Oregon State Beavers

    Penn State Nittany Lions

    Pittsburgh Panthers

    Purdue Boilermakers

    Rice Owls

    Rutgers Scarlet Knights

    Sacramento State Hornets

    Sam Houston State Bearkats

    San Diego State Aztecs

    San Jose State Spartans

    South Carolina Gamecocks

    Southern Jaguars

    Southern Miss Golden Eagles

    St. John's Red Storm

    St. Mary's Gaels

    Stanford Cardinal

    TCU Horned Frogs

    Tennessee Volunteers

    Texas Longhorns

    Texas A&M Aggies

    Texas Tech Red Raiders

    Tulane Green Wave

    UC Irvine Anteaters

    UC Santa Barbara Gauchos

    UCF Knights

    UCLA Bruins

    UNLV Rebels

    USC Trojans

    USF Bulls

    UT Arlington Mavericks

    Utah Utes

    Vanderbilt Commodores

    VCU Rams

    Virginia Cavaliers

    Virginia Tech Hokies

    Wake Forest Demon Deacons

    Washington Huskies

    Washington State Cougars

    West Virginia Mountaineers

    Western Kentucky Hilltoppers

    Wichita State Shockers

    Wright State Raiders

    Xavier Musketeers

    Yale Bulldogs



    USA Collegiate National Team

    Japan Collegiate National Team


    Black College Nines Elites

    MVPMods Modders

    Rawlings/ABCA All-Americans

    NCAA Legends


  12. 3 hours ago, mayoluck said:

    Doing this now and bout 2 days in this go around, so far ihave 6 mlb and their minor teams done. I had to start over and reinstall my game. Last time i did it in my franchise mode and couldnt use it outside of that bc i thought i could convert the ros file to work outside franchise mode. 😒

    assigned '12 team photos/cyberfaces of non active and FA player faces to my '19 roster (start of season roster down loaded from here) bc i couldnt get the ones on here to work. When done there should be no duplicates. Teams will have players with team photos players minus player pics that where on another team and where in mlb 2k12( Vargas  has aSeattle hat but on Mets)

    left the players alone that are active or in the minors trying to come back. Mlb 2k19 roster mod changes a lot of players face id number to match the photo number causing you to lose all cyberfaces for some reason. So im pulling the numbers from `12 files and adding them back to the '19 file. Takes a long time to find a similar face with the team photo from 7 yrs ago to match one of today but i s going pretty well. Some well known players are a bit off but not many. 

    Also adding photos to the top prospects and top FA so there is a good mix of players going and coming up and let go with faces and phots.

    fixing all the over the top contracts in the minors bc it runs teams broke at the end of the year. Everyone is in the negative by the 1st month and millions under at the end of the year bc of minor league players.

    Giving all three farm system teams players cyberfaces but no photos unless they make the team down the road. So no more strange fake face when playing minor games bc everyone looked the same but differnt flesh tone. Now these are match to the real player, just matched there race, not gona do scrub minors at this point.

    Lowering as many old players and retired players ratings and potential so teams will stop signing them (found the lowest minor player overal and set it to 10 points lower to him)

    Edit pro/minor uniforms so that each set had different shoes, helmets and primary, secondary, third colors according to the uniform (ie Mets pinstrips had white shoes, blue top home had blue shoes, spring training had orange with all three having different batting helmet color layouts) to make this work all player have to have their shoe colors set to (color1/color2 or color2/color1 with color 3 the main shoe color) when you do this you get random color combos tjat font look tacky to match the uniform. Can also do this with all wearable gear wear your players have home, away and alt color sets.

    Going threw and made sure all pitcher had no gear (ie wrist bands) while pitching, this happens whrn an old fielder is edited to be a new player thats a pitcher.

    Making sure all body colors match the faces and giving them body tone by playing with the custom body settings.


    Changing all the players muscle tones, and body sizez (ie buff, ripped, +1 on chest, legs. Made ripped Mike Trout players and fat Vlad Jr players as well as mighty mouses like Altuve)

    All this is work in progress, i had most done and had to start over. Ive got it down to 2hrs per team, not franchise but team. I knocked out Angles, A's, Astros and half of Toronto sitting round the house yesterday and Brewers, Braves, Cardinals before work.



    I have the OCDness to do this with your overhaul as well is my point 🤙

    Well. So as far as the roster goes, it will be completely generic. That is, all of the players will have fake names and randomly assigned generic faces, because 1. college rosters change so frequently, and 2. 120+ teams is a lot of players. The hardest part roster wise will be editing the tendencies of each player/team. For instance, guys in college regularly hit over .400. A good start is this website here. https://www.ncaa.com/stats/baseball/d1/current/team/513


    Now personally, I haven't been occupied with the roster yet as I am working on the uniforms, but I'd LOVE to have someone like you on board. This is a bear of a project to try to tackle alone.


    Also, here's some more uniform sneak peeks.

    Major League Baseball 2K12 8_11_2019 7_09_31 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 8_11_2019 7_15_29 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 8_11_2019 7_15_50 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 8_13_2019 10_19_15 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 8_13_2019 10_29_57 AM.png

  13. Kentucky (where I currently reside) has zero requirements for carrying, both concealed or open. No license, no training required. I don't see that being reversed here without a huge amount of resistance and open defiance.

  14. Update: Still plugging along on all the uniforms as a one man team. I'll be releasing a list of teams and stadiums shortly.


    Until then, here's a look at another Charleston, SC team, the Charleston Southern Buccaneers. Watched them play a lot in person and have a number of friends who have played here over the years.

    Major League Baseball 2K12 7_24_2019 10_30_03 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 7_24_2019 10_37_59 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 7_24_2019 11_26_38 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 7_24_2019 11_28_45 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 7_24_2019 11_30_26 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 7_24_2019 11_30_57 PM.png

  15. LIU-Brooklyn Blackbirds. I love the subtle homage to the old Brooklyn Dodgers on the blue alternates. Of course, midway through creating these, I learned that LIU will be rebranding as the Sharks next season, getting rid of one of the coolest nicknames in college sports. 

    Major League Baseball 2K12 7_15_2019 4_52_55 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 7_15_2019 4_56_27 PM.png

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