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  1. Making an attempt at an ESPN-style overlay. I don't have the slightest idea how to move things around in this file, so this is actually based off of another one I downloaded. Not perfect but it'll do.

    Major League Baseball 2K12 2_6_2020 1_32_04 PM.png

  2. Jackie Robinson Ballpark in Daytona Beach, Florida. One of the oldest ballparks in the minor leagues. Home to the single-A Daytona Tortugas, Bethune-Cookman Wildcats, and the MEAC Championship. The hand operated scoreboard next to the video board actually works in game.

    Major League Baseball 2K12 2_4_2020 1_51_13 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 2_4_2020 1_52_29 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 2_4_2020 1_54_14 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 2_4_2020 1_54_40 AM.png

  3. Another ballpark reveal. Joseph Riley Park in Charleston, South Carolina. Home of the Single A Yankees affiliate Charleston Riverdogs, and more importantly, the Citadel Bulldogs and the Big South conference championship. I'm quite pleased at how it turned out. Figuring out Blender is opening the door to even more possibilities. It's not exact, but close enough to look good in game. 


    And yes, I will be tackling Omaha at some point.

    Major League Baseball 2K12 2_2_2020 1_44_50 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 2_2_2020 1_45_15 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 2_2_2020 1_45_39 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 2_2_2020 1_46_27 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 2_2_2020 1_47_49 AM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 2_2_2020 1_48_28 AM.png

  4. 1 hour ago, Micropterus58 said:

    The stadium looks great but are those palm trees in Illinois? LOL I look forward to the mod's release.

    Lol I took them out in the final version. Gonna drop the updated list of teams and stadiums shortly.

  5. George Washington Colonials out of Alexandria, VA. Most known for being the first team to ever play in Nationals Park, which is where the pinstripe uniforms are from.

    Major League Baseball 2K12 1_23_2020 3_38_37 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 1_23_2020 3_41_16 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 1_23_2020 3_42_48 PM.png

  6. Ok. Switched to an older version of blender. Seem to be having better luck, will post results soon. In the meantime, here are some shots of the Pittburgh Panthers. In 2018 they wore a Nike version of Homestead Grays uniforms, also shown here. 

    Major League Baseball 2K12 1_22_2020 2_47_45 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 1_22_2020 2_51_13 PM.png

    Major League Baseball 2K12 1_22_2020 2_52_51 PM.png

  7. OK. New issue. I'm trying to export a model in Blender and I keep getting the error shown. Essentially it is telling me I am exporting an empty file when obviously I am not. Anybody have any ideas?

    Blender_ [D__MLB Mods_NCAA_Stadiums_NEW_Notre Dame_frankeck.blend] 1_15_2020 11_20_41 PM.png

  8. After taking some time off for the holidays, I'm picking this back up. I started playing around in Blender and moved most of the outfield ads and part of the scoreboard for this particular stadium below the field and out of sight. However, I am left with black shadows on the walls. Anyone know how to get rid of them?

    Major League Baseball 2K12 1_10_2020 12_44_37 PM.png

  9. 9 hours ago, Umachines said:

    Beside making uniforms, I also like trying some changes to the way the game looks. But more than that, to the way it feels. If you remember These power icons from any MVP baseball mod, I made them the first time for the earlier MVP Caribe Versions. I guess many players, like me, used to feel more 'agressive', just because of the addition of these power icons, instead the stock ones:




    I also made these subtle changes to the runners minimap, with the little batting helmets, and some tweaks to the way it looked in general. This is less noticable than the power icons. But I think it was a good improvement too. BTW, I took the idead of the helmets from the game SPORTS TALK BASEBALL for the Sega Genesis, back in the 1990's XD.







    Well, now for the 2K12 mods, I want to make some changes the same way, but according to what this other game allows me.

    The first thing I'm trying is my own version of what we used to call the vector circle in MVP. It's the guide to field a flyball most of the times. We, are testing this version, and I think it's very nice to field the ball with it:





     The other detail I want to change are those icons that tell you to wich base any runner is going at the moment, Those ones that say '1','2','3' and 'H'. I'm trying these arrows that point to the bases:




    All these changes are really simple and easy to do. But I'm sure you will agree with me that the game will feel different once you test them.

    Do you mind if I use these for my NCAA mod?

  10. 11 hours ago, Umachines said:

    Well, you know I've been trying to replace that texture you said (039DBD50.dds) for the original one, with your compiled iff tool, and it actually does some damage to the iff container every time I try. I mean the file works, but with some funny glitches. Maybe with an Hex editor?

    Try .7zip for your .iff files. That's what they are doing over at NLSC with NBA2K now.

  11. 1 hour ago, jack805td said:

    Detained with some other things.. will probably pick it up again this week.

    No need to rush or explain. I'm still looking for help with uniforms if anyone is willing.

  12. 2 hours ago, Micropterus58 said:

    I don't do CFs myself but I am familiar with the process and I do edit NBA 2K files. Maybe you have to check the alpha channel. Possibly the gray face or green face in NBA 2K. I know these effect the lighting on the 3D model.

    It's not the lighting as much as it is the mapping. The face is tiled over the head and not matched up at all.

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