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  1. this guys said no too
  2. Same for me. The initial date would of worked but once we got going we made some breakthroughs that we couldn't help but take advantage of. We have a hell of team working on this thing and best I can say is it will be done when its done and it will be worth the wait I mean we have a suntrust park AND it will actually say that in the game lol. a month ago that wasn't even an option.
  3. when we get done with it
  4. DS! Good to see ya on here man! Been forever
  5. To make the ages show up right, I did a global edit of minus 5 to everyones DOB year. Otherwise all the rookies would show up as 15 yr olds.
  6. all you do is put everything in a folder and you turn it "on" or "off" with 1 click in the program.
  7. Steam is moddable just different folder. Support was helpful was just about 3 days of back and forth. I had the amazon version and they made me use a steam version instead.
  8. Yup that's all you can do. I had the same issue and they had to get me a key for steam. Be prepared for that.
  9. maybe we shoulda left the cow in the middle of the field @DaSteelerz
  10. We are still about a week away from initial release! I can't even begin to list all of the work that has been so far but we have made some major moves since we started this. Here is what you can expect in the initial release. 2017 complete roster (at the very least 40 man will be set and hopefully more!) 2017 MiLB Affiliates updated (team names, colors, uniforms) Uniforms updated (they will be updated in packs) 2k17 Overlays HD Stadiums with updated JUMBOTRONS! A version of SUNTRUST UPDATED english.iff (NO MORE 2k12 floating around) @raidersbball20 you are the man! New Cyberfaces HD Skies Play 2k with the COMPLETE 2017 schedule in franchise mode without crashes! ...and im sure im forgetting a ton of other stuff. If anyone wants to help setting the opening day rosters in the final file please msg me. As I have spent most of my time on the rosters, an updated Global file with new accessories will have to come a bit later.
  11. Trust me, we are all working away.
  12. Lol its in progress. We are saving those to move wherever steelz needs em for later. at one point it looked like this: Also, we'll have the jack daniels club in Globe Life
  13. @DaSteelerz and I teaming up on stadiums that have updated 3d models. Here is a preview of Suntrust! BEFORE AFTER
  14. A clean install would be ideal as the total mod will replace most things. Of course you could always install other mods on top of the total for your ideal set up. I'm running this on windows 10 no problem.
  15. 2/22 raiders mentioned dusty already there.
  16. Awesome ace! Really looking forward to the audio! For ages, it depends if I'm able to get the date changer to be completely compatible in franchise mode. If I can't get the date to work right, I'll do a global edit on everybody's DOB so their age is correct in franchise mode.
  17. Steelz and I will go through other stadiums and update them as need be! It really just depends on what is available so we can move things around. Prior to this we had to choose hd textures or updated 3D models--we finally figured it out to have both!! the Jumbotron in Fenway is actually just 1 board now but irl ads sometimes show on the sides. We made it all one board.
  18. Sounds like somebody signed up to do the portraits lol. Trust us, it will be worth the wait. Remember I am keeping the first post updated--a lot of the repeated questions I've answered there
  19. No, it won't be the complete game. The mod will update most of the .iffs but the game must already be installed. With a mod enabler, it will be easy to turn it off and on.
  20. Estamos trabajando en ellos cada día. Ahora, completado la lista de 40 personas para cada equipo.
  21. Updated first post, we are shooting for opening day as steelerz mentioned earlier. Faces are looking great MLB!!
  22. Hey bro, I just sent you a direct message.
  23. UPDATE 2.14.17 40 man rosters completely set up to Brandon Phillips trade. Almost MiLB Rosters done! Yard Goats, Rumble Ponies in progress... I could use some leg work for the roster if anyone is available. It would consist of pulling information (age, pos, skin tone, etc) for a list of players (150 or so). Msg me and I'll send details.
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