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  1. First post updated. Send those hex values over KC!
  2. heh anyone staring at a hexeditor has to have some humor, you'd go mad otherwise. Hopefully once I have it updated it will be easy to follow.
  3. Tutorial on how to change the hardcoded background colors for each team. This is helpful as many of the minor league teams have changed and are still showing the colors of the previous team in the menu backgrounds and scoreboard. As well MLB teams have updated their colors a bit. NOTE: the 2k17 total mod will have all of these updated! This is more for reference later. Or when I disappear for 3 years and can't remember how to do any of this. Also big thanks to exrxixxx and KC in this thread for getting the wheels turning: http://www.mvpmods.com/forums/topic/55030-scoreboards-t
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Been away from the game for a bit but getting back into modding. Thanks to exrxixxx for his guide to hex editing: http://forums.nba-live.com/viewtopic.php?f=154&t=93524 This updates all the skies in the game from 2048 x 512 to 4096 x 1024. Instructions: As always, back up everything I would recommend downloading and using Jonesoft's Mod Enabler. Otherwise extract the ______.if'sf to your MLB 2k12 folder Click yes to copy and replace
  5. Hope everyone is well! It's been a while! I decided to dust off 2k12 and for some reason myplayer ALWAYS crashes after the first game (game hangs up on the close up screen when the spinning save disk should appear). This has happened with the regular roster and BSUfan's roster. I've tried loading up the game with no mods and still can't get past my first game. Anyone have any ideas? If this is posted elsewhere, my apologies, I haven't come across any solutions so far.
  6. Hey Don, hope all is well man!! I dont get to hop on much anymore but wanted to say thanks for all the work you put out over the years. You helped out tremendously with my work when I first got here, so I cant thank you enough. good luck! peña
  7. I can definitely help! Maybe this year we can figure out how to change the hex values of the default colors...especially the black
  8. this is great news Vlad! and I second Kc on this, looking forward to what you can make happen with uniform editing.
  9. It wouldn't be the led_--- iffs, they are the running scoreboard display files (amazing catch, etc) for each stadium. hmmm , I'll be on the lookout...
  10. Maybe they use the logos from the initial startup screen...have you tried the englishbootup.iff? _______ Scratch that, englishbootup isn't it.
  11. Did you get this sorted out? I actually don't even know where the dds color map for the catchers mask is located (been looking for it since 2k10). Like the rest of the accessories, the colors are pulled from ROS file. Have you tried testing a single team color change with a vanilla roster?
  12. @ darth alru - Thanks! I will look into the glasses when I get a chance, It looks like I can make that change. @ tecu7 - Use the link in the description, the walkthrough for importing dds files with the modtool is pretty straightforward. You can always use one of the other 2 version to install the global intact...
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