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  1. Harold Ramirez

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    Face textures are horrible and cartoon like, please take your time. You are releasing faces left to right, but they look like plastic rush jobs.


    Take your time and make more realistic textures. This is a disrespect to the other modders, who are creating realistic texture faces.

  2. Shogo Akiyama

       65    4

    1 hour ago, Mr_E_Mann said:

    I've already reached out to Jed, and I'm awaiting his reply. And I will likely be releasing 2.0 versions of some of my work once I've gotten my techniques a little more established. I'm still relatively new to both Photoshop and Blender. Thanks for the feedback, and I'll keep working towards getting better.

    Most definitely and I appreciate your work and efforts, since so many face creators have left MVPMods over the years. I hope to see your 2.0 works, and thanks again.

  3. Shogo Akiyama

       65    4

    Please spend more time with this broham, it still looks generic!

    Jed has been trying to help everyone get the faces to look more realistic and HD, so there won't be such a difference in graphics per model.


    Hit him up for help with getting  the faces to look more realistic.


    Other than that, appreciate you trying!

  4. Roster updated MLB2K18

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    Faces on many players not matching the ones downloaded from site, especially new faces by JED, R4Z0R and a few more. Yankees, Red Sox, etc...faces are still generic or wrong all together.


    But roster is legit on everything else. Thanks

  5. You are doing really well with blender, howington!

    PLease put on your list an update on JONNY GOMES beard also !!!

    Man, you didnt get twnlove's Ortiz????

    Its perfect: http://www.mvpmods.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=7640

    It's not perfect, it looks good, but still doesn't have a realistic look too....still looks like a detailed CAP player...

    I think Howington can make one from scratch and have photorealistic skin and more.

  6. Michael Bourn

       103    2

    looks more like a CAP, than a Cyberface, looks very generic - This is Michael Bourn he has real facial structure, curves, nose, etc.


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