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  1. Can you post screenshot so i can see it before i download.
  2. looks good but something seems off maybe his side burns are a little off but still 5 stars just amazing :D
  3. wow thanks looks good 5 stars :D
  4. Did you update it yet not sure?
  5. The SN logo at the top is right but every other logo is not right those are the old logo this the new one
  6. KgGamesXL

    jays' 90's

    Nice Jerseys by the way but could you make the alt away Jerseys For the Blue Jays too :D
  7. This logo is for the Toronto Blue Jays. SportsNet
  8. Thanks! this is awesome i really appreciate your hard work this really makes the game look more realistic and makes the game more enjoyable to play :D
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