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  1. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: New Marlins Unis   

    Bleh. That is truly awful. And the home-run "feature???" You simply MUST be kidding me.
  2. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: Mvpmods Duplicate Account Amnesty Program   

    You can't fix stupid.

    Also - never forget the semi-computer-literate and those that create a new account if their activation email doesn't arrive within 30 seconds.
  3. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: A New Beginning!   

    Make sure you check out Trues' new site, then: http://www.TheShowAlliance.com
  4. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: A New Beginning!   

    A new beginning, indeed! MVPmods lives on!
  5. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: Site Closing   

    Certainly seems worth it to me.

    But, honestly, I think the decision for YOU should hinge upon your financial commitment to it.

    If you're basically uninterested in this site, for the most part - If it were me, I wouldn't want to spend more than a small amount on it. Especially if TheShowAlliance.com continues to grow and requires more upkeep/financial commitment. (Of course, without the need for much of a downloads section, bandwidth and server space at TSA should be MUCH smaller than MVPmods ever was).

    Anyway - bottom line: If it's worth it to you, it's certainly worth keeping it around to support the lingering MVP community - and, of course, the Classics and Caribe guys.

    Just my two cents.
  6. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: Site Closing   

    Very well said, as always, KC.

    I'm glad to see that Trues and some annonymous benefactor might be working to "save" the site - but the general state of decline of MVP Baseball is unfortunate.

    Of course - I play The Show practically every day, so it's hard not to feel like a part of the problem rather than the solution. lol.

    Trues and all the staff all the way back from the when I first registered (carter, five, MarkB, Y4L, etc) through the days when I was staff as well (DJEagles, Jim, Sean O, tebjr, Maestro... and, of course, HFLR) all the way through the staff manning the site today... all of you did a fantastic job at all times keeping a community running that at times produced some outlandish and peculiar drama.

    How egos managed to get as big as they did in a community built surrounding a video game is a bit concerning to me for the future of humanity - but nonetheless - the site was run as best as it could be and it provided me and countless others with endless hours of joy and entertainment.

    Not only the community-produced mods that helped keep MVP05 relevant 5 years later - but the site, the forums, and the people populating them. What a fantastic community this turned out to be - faults and all.

    Thanks again, Trues - and good luck with whatever you've got going on that might extend the site's life a little further.
  7. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: Happy Birthday Markb   

    Happy Birthday, sir!
  8. RaptorQuiz added a comment on a file: Jon Jay, Jake Westbrook & Mike Macdougal   

    Very nice.
  9. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: Would You Buy Mlb 2K11 Today?   

    Sadly (and I mean it when I say sadly) - 2K has a long way to go to catch up w/ The Show.

    I am aware of the faults with The Show (none more persistance than the general "scripted" feeling - it has gotten better w/ each passing year - but it can still rear it's head)....

    ...but the faults I've found with 2K's game are just too numerous at this point.

    PC Baseball Gaming is in a sad state - BUT - at least there is a "modern" game for PC gamers these days - this site has done what it can to keep MVP2005 alive - but there's only so much than can be done before sheer technology of newer products win out over the outstanding base that MVP provided.

    Hopefully 2K or EA or someone, someday, will return PC Baseball Gaming to its heyday, like MVP2005 and it's modded followers...

    ...but right now - The Show beats all comers. :unknw:
  10. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: Is There A Way To Help Performance?   

    That's what she said.

    Sorry. I couldn't help it.
  11. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: Caturday thread, only used on Caturday.   

  12. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: New Work Albert-Pujols Cyberface Previews   

    Looks very good. The second one down from the top is so close to real-life it's almost scary.

    Top notch.
  13. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: Classic Uniforms From Spungo   

    It's Sunday. Light traffic. Wouldn't be a bad idea to bump it Monday evening-ish.
  14. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: Directv Versus Dish Network   

    I have looked into AT&T U-Verse as well, but it seems a tad higher priced than the others, and I don't know what it does so much better to earn that extra money. Anybody else have any thoughts on the DirecTV vs Dish Network vs U-Verse argument?
  15. RaptorQuiz added a post in a topic: Directv Versus Dish Network   

    Thanks. I checked and saw that MLBtv is included in DirectTV's package, but not in Dish Networks, but both packages include all the ESPN's and both of them have FoxSportsMidwest - which is the channel that carries about 90% of Cardinals games. So really, only MLBtv is an issue for me, but I can live without it.

    How is the service itself?

    And how badly does weather REALLY effect satellite TV?

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