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  1. MLB 16 The Show Impressions

    Went and bought the game for our PS3 this weekend. This game is awesome and a blast to play. Doing the Road to the Show right now. Probably going to start on a franchise tonight I'm thinking. Well worth the $40 for this game and it plays and looks good on a PS3 also.
  2. 2016 Uniforms

    Awesome guys....looking forward to them!!
  3. 2016 Uniforms

    Any of you great modders attempting some of the new uniform changes for 2016? Like for instance the new Diamondback uniforms would be cool to see.
  4. MLB2K16

    Nothing from BSUFAN yet that I know of.
  5. MLB2K16

    Looking good debster....Any word on a new roster from BSUFAN? Opening day is getting pretty close.
  6. MLB 16 The Show Impressions

    If the PS4 wasn't so spendy, I'd go buy one and get this game. Watched a bunch of clips on youtube last night and it looks very impressive.
  7. MLB 16 The Show Impressions

    Wish they had The Show for PC....good looking game!!
  8. R.B.I. Baseball 16

    Just like last year when I seen it. Still no thanks, I'll wait for something more realistic to come out for PC.
  9. MLB2K16

    I hope so...they look awesome!!
  10. MLB2K16

    Looking forward to the new rosters and equipment. Spring training games start tuesday so hopefully we'll see a new roster soon!!
  11. Wrigley Field 100 Years

  12. Ryan Vogelsong Cyberface

  13. up comming 10 windows

    MLB2k12 runs great on my windows issues!!
  14. MLB2K15 ASSIST MOD TITLE Comming

    Looks the blue background!!
  15. 2015 Minnesota Twins Home Jersey

    Very nice looking uni's....great job!!