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Pete Rose/John Olerude style batting helmets.


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You know, I asked forever ago if that was possible and was told no.

If this is real, you've just made my friggin day.

Do you have TC5? If so, can you do a screen cap of Mickey Mantle with that helmet on?

It real alright, but no I dont have TC installed. Im waiting on my hard drive to get deleivered. Once I get it. I'll throw it on the 61 yanks just to show you a preview.

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How the hell did you do it?

Actually it was pretty easy. I deconpressed the the u011a.fsh in BIGgui then exported it. I then droped the the fsh into nfshtool, then I shaped out the batting helmet witch is 0007.bmp. I blackened out the the ear and the lower part of the helmet. I then made an alpha image and saved it as 0007-a bmp. I went into the index and added an alpha attachment in the 0007 lines, and thats pretty much it.

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this is how the lines should read.

hlm1 0007.BMP

BMP 6D +2 128 64 {0 0 0 0}

alpha 0007-a.BMP

ETXT 69 64 16 {0 0 0 0}


ETXT 70 hlm1%00%00%00%00%00%00%00%00

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That is great, but is it possible to remove the MLB logo from his hair (it appears in that picture)

Yeah I know its there but I didnt get that far yet too remove the mlb logo yet.

Can you make the helmets have both flaps like the minors and college?

No, I dont think that is possible because all I am doing is making the ear flap invisable. The helmet is designed too only have one ear flap and unless it is Oeditable, I dont see it being able too have two ear flaps.

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