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What Kind of Music you listen to?


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Beethoven owns, don't be ashamed of that!

Anyway, the SwinginSoriano soundtrack consists of: (In order)

- Early to mid 90s alternative/grunge rock

- Late 80s Hair-metal

- Classic rock

- Classical, preferably before the 20th century but I am not that choosey

- Videogame music, especially Sonic

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I listen to Eminem, 50 cent, The Game, and 2Pac. Those are some of my favorites. I like 50 cents beats. Games unbelivable rhymes, Eminem has some of the best songs on every album, and 2Pac is just the greatest of all time!!!

50 Cent- Many Men, 21 Questions, Patiently Waiting, If I Can't, Just A Lil' Bit, Candy Shop, In Da Club Outta Contral Magic Stickand of course many others

Eminem- WOW, umm... Stan, Cleanin out my Closet, Without Me The Way I Am, Lose Yourself, Marshal Mathers, and all his 8 mile freestyles. LOL. Of coures tons more.

The Game- Westside Story, Dreams, Hate It or Love It, 300 Bars and Runnin, 360 Bars, Put You on the Game. And a lot more.

2Pac- Way 2 many to list... but will atempt... California Love, Dear Mama, Thugz Mansion, Changes, Runnin ft Biggie, Hit em up, How do u want it, Hail Mary, Ghost, 2 of amerikaz most wanted, Hell 4 a hustler, Me Against the World, How Long Will They Mourn Me? And of cousre a ton more, MarkB could name more of his hitz im guesing.

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Eminem just sucks with his sound effects and stuff. he's just a whiter, wierder Young Jeezy.

50 has the occasional good beats which make me listen but he is not that good lyricly and is just a jackass too. You can't deny 21 Questions tho.

Game has better lyrical talents and was a good combo on the aftermath beats but really acts too much like 50 sometimes.

Rocafella is just a million times better than Aftermath, sadly I'd listen to CashMoney first.

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I listion to most Rock/Heavy Metal/Progressive/Alternative Music from mid 60's to now. Some Country: Cash, Jennings, Marshal Tucker. Some Rap: Eminem, Dr Dre, Snoopy Dog, Ice T. New Age: Kitaro & Tomita. Old School Motown of the 60's & 70's. Some Classical: Mozart, Wagner, Beethoven, etc. Most anything except Disco LOL.

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