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Arrrrr! A Pirates Dynasty


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This is my first dynasty that i have posted here and I chose the Pirates because I was looking for a team I could bring out of the dumps and the Pirates have some pretty good young players.

Difficulty: All-Star

Sliders: Hoop27's

Rosters: UR 6.5 with the latest transactions

Mods: Livin Large

25 Man Roster:


57 Zach Duke

51 Mike Gonzalez

39 John Grabow

34 Roberto Hernandez

28 Paul Maholm

43 Damaso Marte

59 Oliver Perez

52 Victor Santos

45 Ian Snell

16 Saloman Torres

22 Ryan Vogelsong

32 Kip Wells


41 Ryan Doumit

56 Ronny Paulino


25 Sean Casey

14 Jose Castillo

18 Jose Hernandez

5 Joe Randa

12 Freddy Sanchez

2 Jack Wilson


38 Jason Bay

3 Jeromy Burnitz

29 Jody Gerut

49 Nate McLouth

36 Craig Wilson


Vs. LHP & RHP w/ DH

CF McLouth

SS J. Wilson

1B Casey

LF Bay

RF Burnitz

DH C. Wilson

3B Randa

2B Castillo

C Paulino

Vs. LHP & RHP w/o DH

CF McLouth

SS J. Wilson

1B Casey

LF Bay

RF Burnitz

3B Randa

2B Castillo

C Paulino


C Doumit

2B Sanchez

3B Hernandez

LF C. Wilson

RF Gerut

Pitching Rotation:

1) Perez

2) Wells

3) Duke

4) Santos

5) Maholm


LR Snell

LR Vogelsong

MR Hernandez

MR Torres

MR Grabow

SU Marte

CL Gonzalez

Jim Tracy was quoted earlier, "I think the boys have improved a lot since last year. We got a good group of veterens in Casey and Burnitz to help the young guys develop. Our pitching is still very young but our offense might be able to help by getting some runs. I have all the faith in the world in my boys and you will be talking to me again in October asking me, how'd you do it?"

Says captain Jason Bay " I can't wait for the season opener! We got some new faces on the team that are here to help us win. I think this is the year we can turn things around and take the NL Central."

Oliver Perez has got the nod to face Ben Sheets and the Milwaukee Brewers in the Season Opener.

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Bucs sneak by Brewers in 10th; Perez and Sheets pitch gems



Castillo RBI single in 7th

Jenkins RBI single in 8th

Randa scored on error by Hall in 10th

McLouth RBI single in 10th

J. Wilson RBI single in 10th

Players on the Game


Oliver Perez 7IP 0R 1BB 3K 1-2 single


Brady Clark 3-5 1SB

Transactions: None

Next Game: Kip Wells (0-0) vs. Doug Davis (0-0)



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Ya, Duke should blossom into one of the better pitchers in the league in a couple years. Just wondering, whats your CAP and team goals. Just incase you didnt know, completing team goals equalls cash at the end of the year. Figured you already knew that though.

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You will be able to get the finish in top 10 of cy young most likely. Also 2MLB pitchers with 10 Wins. AAA in SV's and AA in SO's will be hard, but if you want the AA in SO's it will be easy. Just pitch your ace in AA like 5 more times than he should and you might be able to get that one quite easy.

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Very nice, I'll follow this one. By the way, if you want to lead the league in SB's (Not sure if Pitt has anyone fast enough, but try and trade for Joey Gathright, I have 26 SB's with him after the 2nd game in May playing on All-Star with Kumala's datafile and sliders that I converted from Pro to All-Star)

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Tough Break for Bucs; Jenkins Walks Home a Winner



Randa RBI single in 2nd

Bay 2-run homerun in 4th

Lee RBI triple in 4th

Fielder RBI groundout in 4th

Casey 2-run homerun in 5th

Randa 3-run homerun in 5th

Paulino RBI single in 5th

Bay RBI single in 6th

Lee RBI triple in 6th

Fielder RBI double in 6th

Jenkins RBI double in 8th

Lee RBI double in 8th

Hardy RBI double in 9th

Jenkins 3-run homerun in 9th

Players of the Game:


Jason Bay 4-5 2B, HR, 3RBI


Geoff Jenkins 4-5 2B, HR, 3RBI

Transactions: None

Next Game: Zach Duke (0-0) vs. Chris Capuano (0-0)




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I hope you keep this dynasty goin. This is very popular, you already have 2 pages so far on only 2 games played.!!!

I plan on keeping it going. I will probably play game 3 later so stay posted. I would also like to thank BigJay and Franchise_Player for their efforts with my sig

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One Ship in the "Bay"; Brew Crew sink the Bucs



Bay solo homerun in 2nd

Capuano 2-run double in 3rd

Bay solo homerun in 4th

Weekes RBI single in 4th

Clark 2-run single in 4th

Lee solo homerun in 5th

Bay solo homerun in 7th

C. Wilson solo homerun in 7th (back-to-back)

Jenkins solo homerun in 7th

Hall RBI double in 7th

Players of the Game:


Jason Bay 3-4, 3HR, 3RBI


Chris Capuano 7.2 IP, 4R, 0BB, 3K, 1-3, 2B, 2RBI

Transactions: None

Next Game: 4 Game Series vs. Reds

Game 1: Victor Santos (0-0) vs. Eric Milton (0-0)



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