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It's really amazing guys. The best wrestling game that ever came out can now be modded. Take a look guys. Credit to The_Juice and Damplo from the NMZ community.

Maybe you guys from here can mod this game as well?




What you guys think? Ill give you guys the link to the forum if anyones interested.

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dude -- that's like ultra-old-news.

I know it is. It's been around for like 2 years.But, it was new news to here so thats why i posted. Ive been a member at the board for like 2 years

Yeah, Go to http://thenomercyzone.clicdev.com/f/index.php and register. There's alot of mod there. you can also to to http://s12.invisionfree.com/TheImpactZone/index.php? as well. There's already 3 saves completed (TNA vs. ROH,ECW Barely Legal, and Forever Indy.)

It would be great if you modders from here head over there and start modding as well. It would be sick if we can have a updated WWE game with that gameplay. There's something like that in the works at The No Mercy Zone.

I just wanna get more people involved. So head over there at sign up wrestling fans!

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