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And I thought I was ready...


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A couple fun notes:

The little weasels decided that September 29th would be a fun day to force us to scramble out of bed and out the door at 3 in the morning (2 weeks ahead of schedule), while ignoring entirely that the 29th is *MY* birthday. So much for celebrating my birthday ever again.

They were scheduled to be delivered October 13th.....Friday the 13th.

Today was "snip the tip" day, I don't think they were too happy about it. :axe:

and I hope those two babies are ones who learn to sleep through the night!!!

Thankfully they sleep pretty well so far, until it's time to eat again that is.

It almost looks like James is saying to Alexander "Pull my finger..."


I about spewed my coke all over when I read that.

Congrats buddy. Are we looking at the twinkies next DP combo?

I was thinking more along the lines of battery-mates. :stone:

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