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Nhl 09 Xbox 360 League


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Hey guys, I am looking to start a league on NHL 09. Right now, I am looking to set it up where each person will play every other player 3 times. If you are interested, please leave me your gamertag as well as the team you would like to be.

Official League Members:

Ottawa Senators = nusileidimas (nusileidimas)

New York Rangers = DudleyDoWright5 (MrDudleyDoWright)

Pittsburgh Penguins = Redsox Rick (rookie_rick)

Chicago Blackhawks = ScheckDiesel (scheckelkn14)

Boston Bruins = BigRog69 (BigRog)

Philadelphia Flyers = XxChilliBeanxX (Thome25)

Tampa Bay Lightning = MetsReyes777 (MetsReyes777)

Atlanta Thrashers = Peppy Le Pew 33 (wrigleyville33)

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Got MetsReyes777 signed up as the Lightning.

Also, a couple good games between the Senators (Me) and the Rangers (Dudley) happened, as well as the Flyers (Thome) and Blackhawks (Scheck) going at it.

We need at least 1 more person for the playoffs system to kick in. So if you know anybody, send them this way. Also, please make sure they don't spam/cheese the one-timer and wrap-arounds please.

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i'm down...

could I have the Blackhawks?

GT- ScheckDiesel

We all know that I deserve the blackhawks, flyers, or penguins but.... unfortunetly all my teams got picked even though I have freakin Lemieux blood in me. But eh, I'll pick a local team...

I'll take the thrashers.

edit: john luke you do not deserve the rangers of all people. Ronnie should get em.

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I will be posting my games on here from time to time... I'm the Atlanta Thrashers, and I took on the Penguins (redsox rick) in my first league game. These presentations are going to be little small ones for the sake of what is going around the league. As for the game, the Thrashers dominated the game, kov took over as he establishes his importance for this team.



http://www.easportsworld.com/en_US/video/3054630 only goal not scored by kov.

*Trues, where did that youtube feature go? :)

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My Thrashers took their home ice for the first time for the mvpmods hockey league. They defeated the Senators 1-0 in a defensive struggle. G Kari Lehtonen had a huge game, turning away every which shot coming from the ottawa snipers. The Thrashers push on to 2-0 with 0 goals allowed.

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Thrashers (wrigleyville33) @ Lightning (metsreyes777)


This game was a thriller. Spectacular saves and shots off the post left and right kept both teams on the edge of their seats. The Thrashers prevailed in the shootout. This was THE best game imo that me and Ronnie have ever played so far. The Thrashers have yet to let in a goal in regular play.

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Lightning (metsreyes777) @ Thrashers (wrigleyville33)



big juicy rebound to give the thrashers the lead


huge ring off the post which would have tied it up late

The Thrashers finally give up their first goal in regulation off a one timer. They continue their 4 game winning streak.

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