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Adding Pitches


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I was fooling around tonight trying to add a pitch to the game.  Reading the documentation, it seems we can add pitches up to ID 9999.  Was looking at the possibility of adding signature pitches to the game.  The unique pitches, the vulcan change, slow hook, Ottavino's slider etc.  I see that we can add a line in that tab in reditor by cloning a pitch.  I tried this, edited the stats of the pitch, and assigned it to the player in reditor, saved and exited reditor.   Went in game, started a pitching drill to check out to see if it works.  Added pitches either dont show, or cause a crash.  I checked parameters to make sure individual player attributes weren't out of line with actual pitch attributes, all was within the boundaries of pitch parameters.  Couldn't get this to work after playing around with it for a few hours.  Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

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2 hours ago, Kccitystar said:

Unfortunately we can't add a pitch on REDitor, mainly because the existing ones tie into the in game artwork for them which we can't add.

Ah ok, would i be able to manually add one in a csv file if i could get the artwork added or is that still a no go?

31 minutes ago, Yankee4Life said:

What exactly is a vulcan change and who throws that?

The answer to that was from cycloniac, just wanting to see if it was possible to add signature pitches to add to authenticity.

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2 hours ago, sabugo said:

Artwork, as in animations?

In theory, you could have the same animation produce different results, right?


Yeah, makes sense.  But KC seems to know whats possible better than most.  When I saw you could clone pitches and alter them I got pretty excited about the possibilities.  Only way I see this as doable is if i could clone some corresponding artwork and give it new ID's. 


Anyone know which files these are located?  Could I try opening them with redMC?

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