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  1. so how many times does this happen before you start backing it up? Have you tried changing the settings so it skips that folder when it scans?
  2. cd drives are useless anyhow. i can't remember the last time i even needed one on a laptop. but to fix the issue, you can use the external cd drive if you want. but like Y4L said, you can also use a jump drive. the game is portable. all you need is to create image files of disc 2, and use daemon tools lite to mount them on your laptop. you can transfer the game from your computer to a jump drive and play directly from there.
  3. Pretty neat to see all these images. Games have improved so much since MVP, but yet cyberfaces in MVP are still the best.
  4. Homer

    Homer's Classics

    it was worth every penny to play mvp as it was meant to. everything just works.
  5. Homer

    Homer's Classics

    Really wanted to update this one. I think the nose looks more accurate now. download is updated so you can get the new version now.
  6. Homer

    Ketel Marte

    Version 1.0.0


    Face ID #265, skin 9
  7. Homer

    Leonys Martin

    Version 1.0.0


    Face Id #255, skin 8
  8. Remember though it just takes your game and stretches it. It doesn't actually enable that resolution because it's hard coded in the game...unless of course someone cracked that problem and I missed it.
  9. Homer

    Homer's Classics

    Thanks Oscar. Does Marte have an id #?
  10. Homer

    Homer's Classics

    when I first started modding, I had an HP Pavillion zd8000 with a pentium 4 in it, and it ran smoothly. It was pretty high end at the time but that sucker ran hot. My friends had more basic models and the game ran, but there were times that it was choppy.
  11. Homer

    Homer's Classics

    I see what you mean. I have a corsair 800d case, so it's huge. So yeah having another desktop takes up some room. I got lucky because I have a nice large desk, so I made it work. Plus I like being able to hook it up to my monitors rather than a laptop screen. None the less, if you can find an old gaming laptop with a pentium 4 or core 2 chip, you should be good to go.
  12. Homer

    Homer's Classics

    Is anyone doing an id list anymore? I don't think he has an id #.
  13. Homer

    Homer's Classics

    yeah it's been too long. it's just so much easier to do it now that i have an xp machine again.
  14. Homer

    Kyle Seager

    Version 1.0.0


    face id# 656, skin 2
  15. Homer

    Homer's Classics

    i'm not a fan of laptops for this. If you want an xp machine for a laptop, you need to get a gaming laptop with a dedicated graphics card. so a dell xps, alienware, or something like that. but the thing about these generation of chips is that they run hot, so those laptops aren't as durable as a desktop. it'll be harder to come by for one that's in working order. desktops are just a lot easier to work with.
  16. Homer

    Homer's Classics

    I'm really encouraging everyone to do it if you play or mod mvp. it's really inexpensive and it runs so smooth.
  17. Homer

    Homer's Classics

    If you ever get a chance to switch to an ssd, it's really smooth. But so far I don't have anything else installed except CCleaner, MVPedit, and oedit. Runs really fast. Photoshop opens right up and doesn't lag at all. I know over time it'll slow down, but I'm going to backup the fresh install to an image file and reinstall it if it starts to slow.
  18. Homer

    Homer's Classics

    Kind of sounds like what I went through. I eventually found a non-profit that sells used computers and they have tons of old core 2 duo machines for $50 so I grabbed a mini tower. I ended up returning it for a mid size tower because my graphics card wouldn't fit. I also had an ssd lying around so it was just perfect. Just got it networked so I can access files on my computer with ease and not have to be burdened by intrusions from using the internet on it. But it's up and running and hooked up to my same monitors, so I switch back and forth. The only shame is that I can only hook up to two monitors because the gpu isn't strong enough to run three. But man MVP and photoshop run so smooth on a clean install of XP.
  19. Got my XP machine built and all set up. just took a few months and decided to give the girl a run for her money. brings back a lot of memories whipping this out.
  20. Homer

    2016 Robinson Cano

    Version 1.1.0


    Face ID 262, skin 8
  21. yes you can do it in oedit. i just don't remember which file it is, but if you change it, it will change every shin guard in the game. remember oedit only runs on xp or in xp mode.
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