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  1. well on a serious note to the OP's question, yes it was talked about years ago but it never materialized. how old am i that I remember this?
  2. now we're talking. this is what I see too. there's definitely more to the story, but it just seems that it was very poorly handled no matter what the reason was.
  3. the job where you and your employer agree before you sign a contract that allows you to do so. again trying to argue like his job is like any ordinary job is just another distraction from the issues on this team.
  4. i agree. i think the story clearly distracts from the real issue at hand and it has nothing to do with the kid being there. it has everything to do with the fact that they had an agreement with Laroche to allow him there, and the really poor way that they handled it.
  5. like i said, unwritten rules need to go. you play to win or you go home. you don't play to not hurting the other team's feelings. yeah I think most of us can agree. but the fact that it was okay for him to act like that just goes to show you how little accountability there is for the pitchers.
  6. whatever they do, they should get rid of the unwritten rules. they're petty and childish. colby lewis starting moaning last year because someone bunted on him when they played an infield shift. that garbage just needs to stop.
  7. i think there should be flash mob every time there's a strike. each batter should have full pyro and entrance theme.
  8. yeah but besides that, what else did they do?
  9. i think that's the idea. it's an arcade style game.
  10. they should handle it like they do in basketball. if the batter charges the mound, they should fine and suspend anyone who leaves the dugout or bullpen. i'd take a step farther and suspend anyone besides the batter and pitcher that tries to step in.
  11. gossage's remarks just remind me of bitter old men who only want things their way. anyone who's played any sport knows all the showboating and smack that takes place on the field or court. baseball is simply behind the times. it's a double standard to protect an old way of thinking as the only way of thinking. you can't show any excitement. but if you do anything that irritates the pitcher, you can bet you're getting beaned. last year, jered weaver plunked kyle seager because he didn't like how long he took to get in the batter's box. pitchers get away with crap like that because they don't have to answer to anyone. it's petty crap like that i can't stand in this game, and it's all in the name of the unwritten rules. remember the cuban guy that charged the mound with a bat? yeah he got banned. remember what happened every time a pitcher decided to hit a guy with a 95 mph fastball on purpose? yeah, a slap on the wrist at best. those antics are bush league. as far as i'm concerned, if they're going to allow pitchers to do that, then they should let the batter police himself until it's over. if they can't handle what happens, they need to get rid of these petty unwritten rules.
  12. there's more risk to a fastball hitting a guy in the head than a bat flip is going to do anything to a catcher covered in protective gear.
  13. this is a sport and should be fun. emotions run high and shouldn't be censored because someone's going to get their feelings hurt. if you're competing in a spectator sport in front of thousands of people at the top level, you need to have thicker skin. if you can't handle the pressure, you can always find something else to do. if rules aren't written, they aren't rules. it's nothing more than traditionalists wanting to protect the status quo because they think it's the righteous thing to do, by allowing them to be selective to use whenever it's convenient. when teams win the pennant or WS, is it offensive to celebrate? when they walk off, is it not ok to celebrate? if a guy throws a ball at a batter's head, it's just fine because he's invoking unwritten rules, but if you charge the mound with a bat, it's assault. unwritten rules are just asinine by nature.
  14. they always debate about the best arms. i'd like to see a list of the worst arms.
  15. you don't need a docking station. you got the right idea and it should work. there are some drives that require external power but only way to know is plug it in. if it doesn't work, just tell amazon it didn't work and they'll return it, and you can get a docking station instead. samsun migration only works for samsung ssds. clonezilla or macrium reflect let you use it on any brand. all very powerful tools, but clonezilla has a whole lot of other options than the others. plus it's free and open source. if you use it, just read carefully so that you get the right version.
  16. it's the software that comes with the evo ssd's. it'll be on a cd. you install it on your hdd. it's here too: http://www.samsung.com/global/business/semiconductor/minisite/SSD/global/html/support/downloads.html you will need something to connect your ssd as an external drive, and then the software copies it over. something like this: http://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-External-Lay-Flat-Docking-EC-DFLT/dp/B00LS5NFQ2/ref=sr_1_4?s=pc&ie=UTF8&qid=1453863224&sr=1-4&keywords=external+hard+drive+enclosure
  17. Leave it as is and use samsung's migration tool to clone it on your ssd. this way if anything goes wrong, your hdd is still a backup of everything. it should go pretty easy as the tool is really simple. you're going to notice a huge different in boot time. game may not necessarily run any better since your chip and gpu are more important. once you go ssd, you'll never go back. you may need to re-activate some programs. when i did it, i had to re-activate Office. i've also used macrium reflect to migrate it to an ssd and didn't have to e-activate my programs. not sure if it's luck of the draw or not though.
  18. hell yeah. if this helps you update the kingdome, i'm all for it.
  19. you might try looking at my cyberface tutorial. there's a video in there about oedit that might give you some pointers on how to use some of the basic commands. it's tedious but a very simple program once you get the basics. my favorite is the undo option. that's why I always do a little at a time.
  20. oh wow. yeah if you weren't using that, i don't want to know how you were doing it. the mapper also allows you to select very specific points.
  21. not unless you've found a way to model stadiums with something else. it's all i know that works. have you tried mapping out the texture in oedit so you get an idea of what it looks like before you go look at it in game?
  22. i had that same problem. bought an old machine with xp on it and it runs smooth.
  23. it's not easy to come by. every once in awhile someone will sell it here. if there's one for sale, you would see it. only option is to buy it on places like ebay but as you can see, it's gonna cost you. you have a slim chance of finding a random copy at a game store or garage sale.
  24. you're asking if lying or cheating is worse. neither. they're both dishonest and their profession dictates what the punishment is.
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