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  1. that's a great question. jim might be the only guy who can help with that question unless you want to explore yourself. i have a spreadsheet that i just reuploaded that shows all the uniform slots, but it's going to be a little difficult to utilize it since all the teams are renamed.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I''m just reuploading this file again. This spreadsheet should breakdown all the different uniform slots in the game and is intended for modders.
  3. that makes sense. i forgot that it listed the levels that. the trickiest part of doing all of those things will be the team audios. it is very finicky and quite honestly we don't fully understand how it works. but if you get around to doing those first four things to move the teams around, adding uniforms are easy. you will need the "u" files and "f" files from the models.big and rename them to whatever slot you want. for the uniform preview screens, you can save them as bmp files. if you zip them all up, TIT will install them.
  4. 1. what is CL? 2. let's address #1 first because adding uniforms is easy, but do not use eagraph or studio06 editor. TIT is all you need to add uniforms.
  5. Homer

    Long time no see

    yeah a lot of the old times have moved on. kc came back a couple years ago and that's about it. all the active modders now are all relatively new from our generation. only real active modders we have now are doing rosters and cyberfaces.
  6. yep, just add a face for them. not sure if there are any made but you can either add any face to fill the spot so it doesn't crash and your dynasty will be fine. the other option is to change them to a generic number but you have to start the dynasty over.
  7. i don't have the roster file in front of me, but pull up the roster in mvpedit, and see if those guys have faces.
  8. I like 8.1, but I can't use it at work. I'm forced to give administrator rights to all users so that some programs will work. It defeats the purpose of having different types of accounts. plus Family Safety doesn't work for domain users on 8.1.
  9. the 750 ti would be overkill for mvp, especially on an xp machine but it's the best that doesn't require power. not all video cards need a power supply to them. you can pretty much use about any video card you find on craigslist for as little as $10 and it'll play mvp just fine. just about any upgrade over onboard graphics will be more than enough for mvp on an xp build.
  10. not if they keep an xp machine just for this game
  11. Homer


    i think it'd look better if we photoshopped it.
  12. Homer


    supply and demand. can't get any simpler than that. there aren't many honus wagner baseball cards around anymore, so should we steal those too?
  13. Homer


    it's a simply supply and demand issue. it's only ridiculous if you feel you are entitled to a lower price.
  14. Homer


    i'm banning you for life from this site. muhahahahaha! I loved the genesis too. gauntlet was a really good one on it.
  15. Homer


    seriously? that's blasphemy! mario kart and smash bros!
  16. practice. it's a game that requires skill. if you do the same thing, the cpu picks up on the pattern. you have to keep batters off balance. that means knowing how to locate with the cursor, how much juice you put behind the pitch, and how you utilize the pitch meter. it's not just about pin pointing it with each of those things each time.
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